Apple Cider Recipe For Fall

apple cider recipe pin 1apple cider recipe easyApple Cider Recipe For Fall

If have you been looking for a delicious apple cider recipe for fall look no further!

We’ve now entered the beginning of my favorite time of year! There’s so much magic to come in the months ahead.

This is our first fall and holiday season in our new home where we are actually settled and most of our renovation is complete! It makes me beyond excited to pull out all of the decorations and to make this space feel extra magic!

I love celebrating this season. I know so many of you agree with me, that this time of year has a special kind of magic, and we find ourselves wishing that time would slow down, so that we can soak it all up. There’s something about fall that brings back childhood nostalgia.

It feels like the beginning of school, cozy weekends at home, apple picking, pumpkin patches, spooky movies, sports practices, bonfires — so many dear memories. Getting to be the mama now, and witnessing my children experience these moments is so special.

I don’t think that I realized how much of my own childhood I would relive, through raising kids. Getting to watch everything through their eyes is magical. It’s also so special to see the range of experiences our kids have now.

I’m nostalgic looking back on some of the fun treats we’ve made in years past. This was one of my favorites, and something that we won’t need a completely finished kitchen to make because it’s so simple! Who doesn’t love apple cider recipes desserts and apple cider recipe non alcoholic!?

I love how simple and festive these apple cider filled apples are, the perfect apple cider desserts treats! This would be sweet to add to an apple cider bar with these: pumpkin mugs
and fall straws!

apple cider recipe dessertsFilled Apples Cider Recipe


+ apples+

+ apple cider +

+ cute straws +

+ cinnamon sticks +

+ a pairing knife +


+ On a flat surface, use a knife to hollow out/ core your apple, while leaving the bottom of the apple intact. Be careful! +

+ Fill each apple with your favorite cider or apple cider recipe with apple juice, apple cider recipe from apple juice or apple cider recipe homemade easy +

+ Add a straw and a cinnamon stick or a drink swizzle sticks to each apple. +

+ Serve up on a festive fall tray, garnish with gourds or fall leaves! +


If you’d like to make your own cider follow this recipe!!

apple cider recipe crockpotHomemade Apple Cider Recipe


 + 10 Apples +

+ 1 Orange Halved +

+ 5 Cinnamon Sticks +

+ 1/2 tsp Nutmeg +

+ 1/2 cup Brown Sugar +


 + In a large pot add all ingredients, cover with water and bring to a boil. +

+ Simmer for 2-3 hours. Remove orange, mash apples, simmer for another hour. +

+ Strain through fine mesh strainer or cheese cloth into a heat safe pitcher. +

+ Serve hot in your favorite cozy mug like these fall y’all drink cups, or warm and cozy mug. +

+ Served chilled over ice in a hollowed out apple, or ghost drink cups! +

You can also make this apple cider recipe crockpot or apple cider recipe instant pot.

Happy fall!


Casey Wiegand

apple cider recipe homemadeapple cider recipe crockpot


September 14, 2022


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