Updated Reptile Room Setup

Casey Wiegand reptile room setupUpdated Reptile Room Setup

Aiden’s reptile room setup has been a labor of love. I am filled with pride for our son. Aiden  is such a tender and kind soul, and he passionate about life and the things that interest him most! It has been such a joy to watch him over the years as he has only grown in his love for reptiles and in teaching others about them!

I am super excited to share Aiden’s YouTube channel with you all! Here is a video where he introduces his favorite reptile!

Something that has been amazing to watch come together is Aiden’s reptile room! We took a closet outside of his bedroom and converted it to be home for all of his reptile cages and tanks. He has a sink in there and everything that he needs for cleaning and, care, and food for his pets.

When we took a trip to California, Aiden was inspired there, and soon came home and worked with Chris — putting all of their Ideas together and building the perfect space for Aiden’s reptiles to thrive!

Click over for part one of that video…

…and check out part two of the reveal here!

 It was such a sweet thing to witness them working together, making this space into everything that Aiden had hoped for his reptile room setup.

reptile room setup shelves

Casey Wiegand reptile room setup ideasreptile room setup ideasReptile room Setup Ideas

1. Add Sturdy Shelves

Aiden knew that he would need reptile room setup shelves, for all of his tanks and cages. You can go with metal easy to clean and strong shelving, perfect for any size tanks to hold their weight and allow you!

2. Lights

Be sure to shop with a store that is reputable for habitat lighting. Heat lighting that mimics the desert will be a must!

3. Natural Materials

Also do your research on what is best for each individual pet or reptile that you have. Aiden likes the look of natural materials to mimic their habitats! Chris and Aiden worked hard to recreate the desert and rock vibe in each tank.

4. Add a Sink

This can be so helpful for cleaning! Definitely something to consider when creating a utility room for pets. This empowers Aiden to care for his reptiles and is convenient for him.

5. Plenty of Storage

Shelving, cabinets, stand alone furniture — whatever you may need to store food, cleaning materials, and items for your reptiles basic care. All are a must!

Aiden is very happy with how this space turned out, and I am super proud of him and all that he has done to pursue this passion of his!


Casey Wiegand

Casey Wiegand reptile room setup shelvesCasey Wiegand update reptile room


August 1, 2022


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