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I’m excited to share the fun essential oils sale that I’m offering right now!!

When you purchase any 3 of these oils

You can choose one of the following gifts from me!

1. One of my favorite Amazon diffusers!


2. A super cute tumbler water bottle!


3. An adorable oils bag

You pick! And I’ll send one item from the list above directly to you!

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If you’ve been thinking about getting started with Young Living, or this is your first time using essential oils, let me share with you some of the key reasons and uses!

Casey Wiegand oilsWhy I love Essential Oils

+ There are hundreds of non toxic uses +

 They can replace household items that may contain synthetic fragrances or not so great ingredients.

+ They smell amazing! +

Seriously dreamy. Say goodbye to synthetic candles and air fresheners!

+Emotional Support+

They are awesome for supporting emotions. I can’t go a day without them!

+ Support For Kiddos +

They are wonderful to have in my mama toolbox for support with things like tummies, focus, sleep, owies and so much more!

+Support For The Entire Family +

I reach for them time and time again throughout the day and find them to be an empowering way to support our family.

Casey Wiegand oils saleHow to Use Essential Oils

1. Topically

We dilute our oils with a carrier oil (like coconut oil, jojoba oil or grapeseed oil) add to a roller bottle and roll right onto our skin! Start slow, and always follow safety protocols. We feel beautiful supported by some of our favorites topically like lavender, valor, frankincense and more!

2. Aromatically

 Get a pretty diffuser (or more!) and add water and your favorite smelling oils. Your home will smell incredible, and there are lots of positive benefits to making the switch from candles!

3. Internally

Our family consumes Young Living’s products that already are infused with essential oils, like our favorite drink Ningxia Red! We are very cautious to never take this into our own hands, and instead to follow safety guidelines. YL has a variety of products, meant for consumption that are infused with amazing essential oils!

I’m super excited for you to start this journey, and can’t wait to hear which three you go with!


Casey Wiegand

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August 8, 2022


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