Colorful Light bulbs (Fun Way To Update Sconces!)

Colorful Light bulbs (Fun Way To Update Sconces!)

One of the most impactful ways that I update a room, and add a sense of coziness, is through lighting! Lighting can truly transform a space and can sometimes be overlooked when planning out a design! Don’t skimp on lighting ,or light bulbs. Remember to have a plan in place on ways to add lighting options to create the mood that you are going for.

Creative Control With Lighting

One thing that I’ve fallen in love with for our home, is using colorful lightbulbs! There are lots of brands available. We love these phillips hue brand in our home. They have so many options and an fun app!

Control Your Light Bulbs In A Convenient

What I love about the app is that I can set zones within my home. I can use my phone, to turn those zones on! For example, if I want all of our sconces to be on, dim and a warm tone in the evening for maximum coziness — I save that setting to the app!

Setting the Tone for Creativity

Chris has Philips Hue lights in his workspace, and he loves how he can set them to make a mood for creativity. These Philips Hue Led Light Strip are great for Chris’s office too.

With so many light fixtures throughout our home, and sconces in each space, it really helps to make everything seamless to set it all up once, and then just use our phones to control them.

Lighting for a Night Time Routine

It’s also nice at the end of the night, to turn everything off, all from my phone. They’ve made a huge difference to have everything customizable and simple to use.

I love that you can add these lights into an overhead fixture, a lamp, or a wall sconce. I tend to like a warm color that mimics the feeling of candlelight! But it’s super fun that if we were hosting a special event, having a movie night, or doing something fun for the kiddos we could choose any color that we like!

These are another option of colorful lightbulbs that I like!

light bulbs bedroomSome tips for adding colorful lighting to your home

+ Add to bedside table lamps for your lightbulbs bedroom+

How fun to change the light throughout the day, from a more neutral light to something fun like deeper pink or purple in the evening. Kid’s bedside table lamps can also be more light nightlights, since you can dim the brightness of these lightbulbs. Light bulbs drawings are helpful if you sketch or map out where you will use these colorful light bulbs most.

+ Add to sconces by a fireplace+

Bring the tone of the flames to the wall surrounding your fireplace, with warm yellows and subtle orange tones. This creates a really moody and cozy vibe with light bulbs aesthetic.

+ Add to a desk area for productivity+

Everyone is affected by lighting differently! You might find that something too fluorescent or cool tone, messes with your workflow! We are more sensitive to lighting than we may realize. Choose your perfect tone, by adding a colorful light to your desk setup.

+ Add to the kitchen or dining room+

How fun for hosting a party or holiday! Change the lighting to be on theme and festive with your light bulbs decor. You could add to a chandelier for light bulbs hanging.

+ Put at a vanity or use colorful light bulbs for bathroom+

You can change the warmth of the lighting to mimic the atmosphere that you are headed into. This will help with your makeup application and give you the ability to see yourself in similar lighting with different light bulbs types.

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August 3, 2022


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