Easy Braided Ponytail Tutorial

braided ponytail pineasy braided ponytail for kidsEasy Braided Ponytail Tutorial

With Adelaide in kindergarten, I’m all about sweet and simple hairstyles! All of my girls love braided hairstyles, and this easy braided ponytail is a breeze for me to do on them when we are in a hurry!

easy braided ponytail simpleHow to achieve this easy braided ponytail for kids:

+ Grab a few hair ties +

This depends on how long their hair is. I went with about 10.

+ Section hair +

Section hair horizontally in to 4 sections. A high pony, a mid pony, a middle low pony and a low pony. Tie each section off with a hair tie! This works perfect for easy braided ponytail styles, so I keep lots of extra hair ties and bobby pins on hand!

+ Start at the top +

Essentially you will start at the top, separate into two and then loop the next section through and tie off. Then separate again and loop the next section through, tying off again.

+ Fluff each section+

You can fluff each section up a bit by gently pulling loose from the hair tie, to give a more voluminous look!This would work for women and for kids! It’s really a versatile hairstyle. I checked for easy braided ponytail video on YouTube before giving this one a shot.

easy braided ponytail tutorialsThis would be a fun style for a day out as a family, or even for a holiday by incorporating special hair ties or bows! Easy braid hairstyles are some of my favorite ways to add a little oomph to any look!

Let me know if you give this super cute style a try!


Casey Wiegand

easy braided ponytail hairstyles


August 31, 2022


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