Our Surprise Trip To Disney (3 Ideas On How To Surprise Your Kids)

disneydisney foodOur Surprise Trip To Disney (3 Ideas On How To Surprise Your Kids)

They call Disney the most magical place on earth for a reason, and it did not disappoint! We took the kids on a surprise trip to Disneyland as a family, and we all had the most wonderful time together.

disney aesthetic 1disney outfits summerA Special Trip to California

Chris and I had planned to head to California for our 15th anniversary trip, and we wanted to make this time special for our kiddos as well. We dropped the kids with my parents for a few days in Orange County, while Chris and I headed to Malibu. Then we all came together at the end of our trip, to go to Disneyland as a big family!

Casey Wiegand disney surprise disney themeDisney Magic for All Ages

My parents came too! It was such a sweet thing to see each generation truly enjoying their time together. The magic of Disney is for all ages!

Before we left on our trip, we surprised the kids with a special setup announcing that we were going to Disney! We had Disneyland food/ snacks and mickey ice cream pops set out at the table, I got mickey napkins and plates, a cute banner, t-shirts/ Disneyland outfits, socks, all kinds of fun Mickey decorations, Disneyland outfits summer, and a sign that said “we’re going to Disneyland!”

These were a couple of favorites to set out: wrong park shirt and  minnie ears

The kids were SO excited when they walked into this scene. Our kids range in age from 6 to 13, and I swear they were all over the moon excited!

I love the idea of surprising the kids, and doing some type of Disneyland trip reveal! Here are three ideas for surprising your kids with a trip to Disney!

disney charactersdisneyland aestheticTips for a Disney Surprise

1. Secretly pack their bags!

This one is super fun. Back bags while your kiddos are at school or sleeping and load them into the car without them noticing. When they get into the car and think they are going to a normal day of school, or to run errands with you say, “I don’t know about you, but I’d rather go to Disney today. What do you think!?” They of course will think you’re playing some sort of joke on them! Until they see the bags are packed and you’re already on your way!

This would work whether you’re flying or driving to Disney! You could even stop to get fun Disneyland nails done for mani pedis before your trip! Throw some cute items like these into your suitcases: mickey and co tank top or mickey t-shirt!

2. Unwrap a present for Christmas or a special birthday!

I love the idea of Christmas morning, or the very last birthday present, having printed tickets, mickey or Minnie ears and a sign that says, “we’re going to Disney!” This is sure to be a present they will never forget! Whether you’re going to Florida, California, or Disneyland Paris this excitement will be so fun!

3. Decorate their room!

If they are heavy sleepers you could do this while they are sleeping! If not, decorate their room while they are at school. Grab Disney balloons, anything Disneyland aesthetic, a banner, a cute sign. What a fun thing to wake up to or to come home to! How fun would it be to pack these for your trip!? I love this minnie t-shirt  and these father/ son hats.

This trip was imprinted on my heart as one of my favorites as a family! We had such a fun time, and so many beautiful memories made!


Casey Wiegand

disney outfitsdisney aestheticCasey Wiegand disney trip faves


August 29, 2022


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