4 Reasons To Ditch Candles (And How Aromatherapy Can Make Your House Smell Amazing Without Them!)

aromatherapy pin 2aromatherapy recipes4 Reasons To Ditch Candles (And How To Make Your House Smell Amazing Without Them!)

One of the first changes that I made on our path to creating a low-tox and more natural home, was ditching candles! After learning more about some of the harmful ingredients in candles, I knew that it was time to make a switch. Diffusing essential oils, aromatherapy, has been a simple switch that has made a huge difference!

We now have a diffuser pretty much in every room of our home, I love that some of them have candle flicker mode or changeable light settings, so that I can still have the ambiance of candles, but with an aromatherapy aesthetic and without the potentially harmful effects. I also use flameless candles and twinkle lights in certain areas of our home, to still set a vibe!

aromatherapy blendsaromatherapy photographyCasey Wiegand aromatherapy recipesFour Reasons to Ditch Candles

1. Artificial Fragrances

The vast majority of scented candles contain artificial fragrances, even those labeled as aromatherapy candles. Artificial fragrances can have a negative impact on your health and burning those fragrances and breathing them in is potentially harmful.

2. Burning Wicks

Many traditional candles have wicks that are not clean burning. There can be chemicals released into the air from burning wicks.

3. Chemicals in Wax

Most candles use paraffin wax which is a petroleum waste product and can contain bleach. When burned this creates carcinogens which are released into the air.

4. Air Quality

Certain candles can create poor air quality inside of your home. I don’t want to burn something to make my home smell better, if it’s actually making our air quality worse!aromatherapy vs candles

Instead Switch To Aromatherapy Essential Oils!

+ Fragrance +

Still a great smell, and if anything they smell better, because they are real, not synthetic!

You can change the smell whenever you’d like to with your own aromatherapy recipes! I love that I can make custom diffuser blends or change out the oils I am using multiple times a day.

+ Support+

Emotional support, seasonal support, sleep support, energy support and more through aromatherapy blends! Your candles can’t do that! Choose blends that fit your needs, and you can get the benefits of essential oils simply by breathing!

+ Natural and safe +

I love that diffusing oils does not harm the air quality, and is a pure way to make my home smell SO good!

I made a favorite oily accessories & diffusers list aroma therapy benefits

aromatherapy essential oils Casey WiegandAnd these are some of my favorite Amazon essential oil diffusers

+ Vivest Ceramic Diffuser +
+ Asakuki Smart Diffuser +
+ Asrmo Blue and White Diffuser +
+ Earnest Living White Cut Outs Diffuser +
+ Muson Diffuser +
+ Zeigga Diffuser +

Click over for my most favorite diffusers and oils are from Young Living!

I recommend the Aria as my number one favorite diffuser you can find pictures on my Casey Leigh Essentials Instagram along with aromatherapy photography!

It’s a wise choice to ditch and switch to healthier alternatives, and making the switch to essential oils made such a huge change for our family!


Casey Wiegand


August 19, 2022


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