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Few things fill my heart up more than time spent with my kids. I love one-on-one time whenever we can make it happen, I always try to be intentional about this. I’m also a huge believer in modeling healthy habits for our children, which makes mommy and me yoga such a perfect fit for us!

Quality time, moving our bodies, learning and laughing together — I can’t think of anything better! For this mommy and me yoga session, my youngest daughter, Adelaide, joined me! She’s such a sweetheart and watching her practice and try her best fills my heart up! Especially when practicing with little ones, I make it a point to simply encourage the movement and the act of being present in our bodies. I’ve added some of my favorites for kids to do just that, right in my amazon shop here.

I love any chance to move my body and have found when I can wear my favorite work out clothes, it makes exercising even better. These amazon leggings are a favorite of mine! I also love these yoga pants from amazon!

Poses that are simple for little ones

Poses take time, and patience! Try your best to be understanding of this, and not to put too much pressure each pose being perfect!

A simple setup is encouraged like this mat for me and this mat for Adelaide!

A few of my favorite simple poses for Mamas and Kiddos/ mommy and me yoga poses:

+ Tree Pose +

One leg up, foot at knee, both hands together over head.

+ Chair Pose +

Similar to the look of a squat, imagine an invisible chair, both arms extended upward.

+ Down Dog Pose +

Feet on floor, bent down at waist, hands flat on floor and head down.

+ Plank Pose +

Lay on belly, extend chest upward, hands flat on mat.

+ Warrior Pose +

One leg with knee bent forward in from of body, One leg out straight behind, Arms outreached toward sky.

+ Cow Pose +

On all fours, you can arch back here. This one would even be great for mommy and me yoga baby. Check out these yoga pants here!

Focus on breathing, and on transitioning between each pose. Depending on age, you may work on one or two new poses each session. This will take time, but to teach our kiddos the benefits of yoga, of breathing, staying present, stretching and moving our bodies — this is such a beautiful practice to begin at a young age!

We love sweet yoga outfits and these pants for kiddos are darling as well as these yoga pants!

Another setup that I love for our mats is this one for me and this one for Adelaide!

Casey Wiegand mommy and me yoga posesSome of the benefits of yoga at a young age:

1. Yoga and help to keep worries in perspective, and to keep anxiety at bay.
2. Consistent movement and a practice can improve self esteem and confidence.
3. Yoga focused on breath work can really help regulate emotions.
4. Mindfulness is at the heart of yoga, and is such an important thing to teach our kiddos.
5. Strength and flexibility come with time and starting young is a wonderful way to make this a regular practice!

It’s worth the time investment & patience

Taking the time to focus in on our children, for them to see us move our bodies, for them to build on their own relationship with movement and breath work, it truly is worth the time and patience that it may take to teach our youngest ones! You’d be surprised how early kids will gravitate toward something like yoga when they see you doing it, mommy and me yoga toddlers is an option if you keep poses simple and are willing to redirect and pause when needed!

I found this book is great for teaching basics!

I find similar benefits to movement in general, like play with their gymnastics aerial silks.

Or their awesome gymnastics mat that we also use for poolside fun!

Yoga outfits that I love

Because I love matching with my girls, we couldn’t resist some super cute yoga outfit options. I searched Etsy for sweet yoga pants too, and these are a few that I’ve been loving:

Have you tried yoga with your kiddos yet? What do you think will be the most rewarding aspect of practicing together?!


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July 1, 2022


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