Glow Serum Recipe

glow serumGlow Serum Recipe

One of the aspects of essential oils that I love most, is that you can make your own clean products with them! I use my oils in countless ways, and skincare has to be a top five favorite method for getting the most out of essential oils!

The quality of your essential oils matters!

For essential oils, I only use Young Living — I trust their purity, quality, standards, and testing. I’ve been able to visit several of their farms, and I feel so good about what goes into each bottle of oil. This matters so much to me, especially when I am using oils topically, like I do for skincare. There are several ways that I use essential oils for my skin.

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glow serum essential oilHere are my top methods for supporting my skin with essential oils:

1. I love to roll Frankincense essential oil directly onto my skin. YL sells roller fitments that go right on top of your oil bottle. You can also dilute it into a roller bottle. I can’t get enough of rolling this on my forehead and smile line areas.

2. Make toners! I use witch hazel, purified water, and then add my favorite skin loving oils like Manuka, lavender, and tea tree. Here is another one of my favorite bottles!

3. Use essential oil infused skincare. Young Living has several lines of skincare that are already infused with their essential oils! My two favorites are ART and Bloom! Seriously dreamy! You can even make your own Bloom perfume blend roller bottle!

4. Add oils to a facial steam! Whether you have a machine that does this, or you make a bowl of hot water, add your oils and then tent it with a towel and hold your face above the steamy water. This will open your pours up, and let the oils in to really absorb well.

5. Make skin glow serum essential oil. I love this dropper bottle! Use the carrier oil of your choice, I prefer jojoba for my skin, and add the essential oils that work best for your skin! Blue tansy is a must! I’ll be sharing my favorite skin glow serum diy recipe below!

glow serum young livingTHE DREAMIEST SKIN SERUM: Blue Renew Serum/ Glow Serum Young Living

Say hello to your best skin ever!


In a 1 or 2 oz. glass dropper bottle (grab on amazon). Combine jojoba oil, 5 drops of Geranium + 3 drops Blue Tansy. Before bed each night after washing your face (we recommend the charcoal bar and mint satin facial scrub) put a few drops of the renewal serum in your hands and apply evenly to skin and neck.

Warning: the Blue Tansy will give you a hint of blue on your face, but it all fades after a few hours (hence why we recommend doing it before bed!) TRUST ME ITS THE DREAMIEST EVER and worth it to add glow serum young living blue tansy into your skincare lineup!

For more of my amazon favorite “oily” accessories check this out!

Are you ready for that dewy glow?

Check out my Young Living link with more of my favorites here!

Tag me on social media if you make this serum for yourself. I absolutely love it, and have a feeling that you will too!


Casey Wiegand

glow serum diyamazon glow serum


July 20, 2022


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