Pool Time Summer Recipe (Easy Rainbow Pops)

casey wiegand summer recipePool Time Summer (Easy Rainbow Pops)

Let the spring and summer treats begin! We absolutely loved making these rainbow pops together.

They are so much fun for the kids, and perfect for warm weather! Anything festive and cheery right now, that puts smiles on their little faces, makes my mama heart feel such peace.

casey wiegand summer recipe pops

There is nothing sweeter than having our kiddos home for summer and finding tons of fun recipes to do together- especially pops for that summer sunshine!

This is a really fun recipe-

You’ll need:
-1 package of Instant Jello Pudding in Vanilla flavor
-3 2/3 cups milk (or 2/3 cup more than what the package says)
-different colors of liquid food coloring (I did 4 different colors)
-3 ounce Dixie cups
-popsicle sticks
-aluminum foil

-Whisk together the pudding and milk. It will be slightly runnier than normal pudding.
-Divide the pudding evenly into bowls. (I used 4 different bowls) It doesn’t have to be perfectly divided. And if there’s extra pudding, you have a yummy snack!
-Add food coloring to each bowl. I started with 1 drop and mixed it, adding more until I got the desired color.
-Using a spoon, add 2 spoonfuls of your first color to the dixie cup. (If you are doing more than 4 colors, only do 1 spoonful per color.) To even it out, tap the cup gently on the table. If you got any pudding on the cup, gently wipe it off. Continue adding each layer.
-Once you have filled each cup, cover them with a small piece of foil.
-Using a small knife, poke a hole in the middle of the foil that is just big enough to fit the popsicle stick. Then put the popsicle stick through the hole.
-If you have a loaf pan, place your cups in it and freeze overnight.
-The next day, peel the dixie cups off and you have a yummy (EASY) rainbow pop!!


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June 7, 2022


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