Light Hardwood Floors Transformed Our New Home

light hardwood floors pin 1light hardwood floors kitchen Light Hardwood Floors Transformed Our New Home

Last year we closed the door for the last time to the place that we had called home for the past several years. It was bittersweet, but we had hope and excitement in our hearts for all that was to come. We found our dream home, and it truly has been such a redemptive story for us! There have been many moving parts and lots of change has happened fast! One of the largest changes that we made has been flooring throughout the entire home. Our floors are by Riva Floors and we could not be more in love with them! We got all of our flooring at Floor & Decor, and we are so happy with the light hardwood floors!

We went with a wide plank light hardwood floors, and I am blown away with the difference they make, they’ve really transformed our home. From our living room, kitchen, bedrooms and beyond — we are thrilled with the overall look of these new floors in our home!

light hardwood floors bedroom light hardwood floors colorsReasons Why We Chose Light Hardwood Floors

1. Light hardwood floors keep things light and bright!

With our walls being mostly white and a very light gray, the light hardwood floors truly bounce the light back, making for dreamy light filled rooms. We looked at several colors before we made our decision.

2. They are timeless.

Though I do feel like lighter hardwoods are “trending” right now, I also love that I can look back on photos from decades ago and find lovely light hardwood floors colors pictured. I think this tone of wood will stand the test of time.

3. They add a casual feeling to a space.

We added a lot of really beautiful ornate trim, that I think feels somewhat formal, and I like the way the lighter hardwood floors balance them out and give a little more of a laid back feel. They feel lived in and no-fuss. Though most of our walls and cabinets are light colors, these floors will pair well with dark cabinets for a stunning look.

4. They are more forgiving with dust and crumbs.

With pets and four little ones, even though we love to keep a clean home, it doesn’t hurt that our floors don’t show every little speck like darker floors can. They feel lower maintenance!

5. Light hardwood floors match the neutral decor that we have throughout our home.

I tend to gravitate toward lighter colors, and I think the floors tie this in really well.

light hardwood floor living roomlight hardwood floors dark cabinetsMake The Switch To Light Hardwood Floors

Switching out flooring is definitely an investment. I think that it can be one of the more impactful changes that you make to a home. Our new floors are durable, beautiful, and will last the lifetime of the home. Our kiddos are young and we have pets, so making sure that we went with a material that would hold up over time was important to us.

One of my favorite parts of our new floors is that we laid them in a herringbone pattern in my office and in our formal living room. I’ve always been drawn to this pattern and the interest it adds.

I’m so happy that we made the decision to add new flooring into our renovation plan and budget. They have made such a difference in our space!


Casey Wiegand

light hardwood floors grey wallslight hardwood floors living room


June 8, 2022


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