Exterior Of The House: Update!

exterior pin 3Exterior Of  The House: Update!

I’ve been sharing lots of updates of the inside of our new home and renovation process — but work has been happening on the exterior as well! I’ve been really looking forward to sharing exterior updates of our home with you, and I’m excited to show some pictures or our exterior remodel here!

exterior paint color for houseUpdating The Exterior While Preserving Its Charm

When I first saw our home, I fell in love with the feel and charm of it. I had a vision right away, that making some key changes to the exterior would bring this home new life! When we moved in our home was a medium to light pinkish brick tone. I love the timelessness of brick, and didn’t want to change the feel of it too drastically. I was definitely craving some updates and change.

exterior designKeeping The Color Scheme Cohesive

Our first round of exterior work has been a light lime wash finish to the bricks. Keeping things neutral was important to me for our exterior color schemes. We didn’t paint them fully white, but instead added a texture and a tone that feels European and classic. The varying tones of the brick still shine through, but the house is lighter and more neutral. This was a really large and time consuming project, but I’ve been very happy with the results!

exterior color schemesMore Work to Be Done With Our Exterior

We still have work to do on some of the exterior. Landscaping will bring things to the next level and is something that we are in the process of right now. I love to show the progress from start to finish. It’s like we can document the entire renovation process, it’s fun to look back on to see how far we have come. I also think that it gives a more realistic view of how many moving parts go into making such big changes like this!

exterior house paint color combinationsTips for an Exterior Home Makeover

1. Figure out your budget, and make it work for you!

You might be looking to do a full exterior renovation, or perhaps more of a simple cosmetic improvement. Getting that budget into place will make a big difference for planning out each step and change that you hope to make.

2. Gather inspiration photos! I can’t begin to tell you how helpful this is.

You may have your heart set on certain exterior house colors or style, deciding on e house paint color combinations you can’t really know until you see that vision in photos. I often find when I gather inspiration, that I start to see a pattern of what I really love, and it helps my decision making.

3. Pull together and compare materials.

Adding a new walkway in? Painting shutters? Refinishing brick or adding new exterior paint colors or shutters ideas? Create a mood board with the colors and materials that you are using, to be sure that they work together. No matter what update you are doing to your home, inspiration photos set the stage.

4. Layer finishing touches.

Like planters on your porch, window boxes, new lighting, a fresh coat of paint on trim/ mailbox/ garage doors, and exterior paint colors — these final details can make such an impact on the overall feel of your exterior!

I’ll continue to share photos here from our renovation as it takes shape! Right now I am happy to see this progress, and grateful to call this house our home!


Casey Wiegand

exterior paint schemes


June 10, 2022


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