5 Must Haves For Amazing Cereal Bar Decor (and where to find them!)

cereal bar pin5 Must Haves For Amazing Cereal Bar Decor (and where to find them!)

This cereal bar was such a fun addition to our kitchen, the kiddos love it! It’s fun that they can grab their favorite cereal independently, and it’s also a game changer for morning guests to help themselves.

cereal bar decor ideasI gathered a few items to make our cereal bar decor a big hit!

Here are some of my favorite cereal bar decor ideas:

1. I love these  dispensers and how organized and useful they are!

2. Another option are these round triple cereal dispensers.

3. We can’t have our morning cereal without some seriously cute bowls like these.

4. These are another darling option that make the perfect cereal bar decorations: boho blue and white patterned bowls.

5. How much fun are these color-changing spoons these would be extra fun for cereal bar party decor!?

cereal bar decorationsWhen setting up a breakfast area I like to keep a few things in mind:

+ Keep things easy to grab +

If you have a corner of your pantry that can be dedicated to convenient breakfast options all the better! Oatmeal, breakfast bars, cereal, bananas, etc. work perfect for simple options!

+ Keep dishwater and silverware handy +

If we are hosting I’ll set these out, since often people can start breakfast at different times, or we can have different plans, making it easy for everyone to help themselves is key.

+ Don’t forget beverages +

Coffee, tea, juice — mugs and glassware for each. Help to complete the perfect breakfast!

cereal bar decor Casey WiegandI tend to keep breakfast light, but that doesn’t mean that everyone in our house is the same way! Having lots of options available is a great way to make sure that everyone is taken care of!

We’ve been loving our little cereal bar setup, I highly recommend adding one into your kitchen or pantry if you have a chance! Many of these items would be sweet for a party or brunch as well!

Tell me, are you a breakfast person and do you LOVE cereal as much as our family does!?


Casey WiegandCasey Wiegand


June 29, 2022


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