The Bathroom Accessories Of Your Dreams (Cheaper and Faster Than You Ever Imagined)

bathroom accessories pin bathroom accessories The Bathroom Accessories Of Your Dreams (Cheaper and Faster Than You Ever Imagined)

We’ve been settling into our space now that our primary bathroom remodel is complete! There are many details that have come together to make this space into what I had dreamed it could be. The final stage of each room remodel is always to layer in our belongings and to add in bathroom accessories where they are needed.

Adding accessories into our bathroom has helped to make it more homey, functional, and inviting. I love the choices that we made here and how it has all come together. The fun part of design and decorating is that it doesn’t all have to happen at once. I plan to layer more in over time, and don’t know that any room will ever be “done” just closer to the overall vision that I have for each space. Something as simple as this table top mirror  can add a finishing touch.

Casey Wiegand bathroom accessoriesMaking A Remodel Flow With The Rest Of Your Home

I wanted the primary bathroom design to flow with the feel of the rest of our home, classic with both modern and vintage touches. These faux hydrangeas  really bring that vibe into our bath. We also carried our favorite white paint color through this space, and the counters and flooring have a marble look to them.

A retreat designed for relaxation and rejuvenation

It is important to me that our bathroom feel relaxing and like a retreat. I truly feel this way anytime I enter our bathroom, it’s light and bright and has such a clean and calming feel. Adding these cotton towels really brought a soft luxurious feel into the space.

bathroom accessories Bathroom Accessories (Organization And Storage Ideas)

Organization is important to me in any space, and the bathroom is no different! These shampoo bottles are a simple way to have a cohesive minimalist feel to our bathroom. I can’t get over how these apothecary jars  add the perfect touch of storage and organization!

Functionality is another aspect that I focus on in design. This vanity stool allows for me to have the perfect spot to sit to do my hair and makeup and to get ready for the day. I also have a spot to sit when my girls use our bathtub!

favorite bathroom accessoriesA Few Key Things That I Focus On When Adding In Bathroom Accessories:

1. Different Textures

Glass, metals, woven baskets, florals etc. As you gather accessories, pay attention to the materials and try to have variation.

2. Functionality is Key

Accessories don’t simply need to be pretty, in a space like a bathroom, kitchen, or office — why not go for beautiful and useful?

3. Keep with the same family of design

Everything that I bring in goes through a form of curation and editing… Does this fit with the overall feel of our home? Have a few words in mind to help you edit. A few of mine are classic, whimsical, and vintage.

4. Layer new with old

Having a collected feel adds sophistication and interest. Try thrift shops, look through family antiques, or source online for touches of vintage to mix with the new pieces that you bring in.

Casey Wiegand bathroom accessories amazon

I love our new bathroom, and most of all how I feel when I am in this room getting ready for each day. It’s really a tranquil space that feels like us! Adding bathroom accessories in for the finishing touches has made such a difference!


Casey Wiegand

bathroom accessories Casey Wiegand

Casey Wiegand amazon finds bathroom accessories


June 13, 2022


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