Swimmable Mermaid Tail Fun

mermaid pin 3Swimmable Mermaid Tail Fun

These are the days that I wish I could hold onto forever. My little girls, three sweet sisters enjoying the magic of childhood together! Their bond is more than anything I ever could have dreamed up. I feel blessed beyond measure to watch them become closer with each passing year!I am a big believer in creating, embracing, and documenting the magic of childhood. As their mama, I want to be a magic maker. Precious moments like this one, all three girls dressed as mermaids in swimmable mermaid tail kids, ready for fun in our pool. I could see their eyes twinkle a bit brighter, truly a dream come true!

swimmable mermaid tail siliconeMagic is in the details (making memories to last a lifetime)

If I think back to being a little girl, I remember loving all things mermaid and watching The Little Mermaid and dreaming of being Ariel! My girls are the same way, and it’s such fun for my mama heart to be able to create moments and memories like this for them. These swimmable mermaid tail silicone are so fun and realistic looking!

Casey Wiegand swimmable mermaid tailSwimmable mermaid tail (fun whimsical styling)

Apple and Adelaide went with pretty pink and Purple and in true Ainsleigh fashion she chose blue and aqua. We paired their tails with fun colorful swimsuits. We added braids into their hair and took pictures by our pool. I know someday they will cherish photos of days like this, fully present in their childhood, living their best lives!

The girls mermaid tails are from Amazon, and I’ll link them here as well as different options that are also available. Here are our favorites blue tail pack with extra fin blue tail with flower crown, blue and orange tail, rainbow tail, green tail, purple tail. Seriously can’t recommend these enough! The details are so sweet and playful!

I’m forever listening to their hearts, what lights them up, what makes each of our children uniquely them — and then dreaming of ways to bring these passions to life. Whether it be a day of mermaid play, or a reptile room for our son, I always want to encourage our kiddos to hold onto their dreamer spirit.

Amazon Mermaid Favorites

Check out all of my mermaid favorites on amazon here!

swimmable mermaid tail patternHow to embrace and cultivate a dreamer spirit

I have always been a dreamer, and I think sometimes that can feel lost in adulthood. I hold so tight to this part of me. Those that know me see me for the dreamer that I am, and anytime that I can plant that seed with my kiddos I lean into it. I want them to know that what lights them up is not frivolous, it is one of life’s greatest joys!

swimmable mermaid tail kidsEmbracing the joy of motherhood as a dreamer

Whether it be playing dress up as a child, or pursuing creative endeavors as an adult it is all so meaningful! The joy that getting lost in your dreams can be is something to treasure! I try never to lose sight of the gift that dreaming within motherhood has given me.

swimmable mermaid tail Swimmable Mermaid Tail Inspo

When searching for these you can also find swimmable mermaid tail diy, swimmable mermaid tail pattern, and swimmable mermaid tail red or a variety of other colors.

Our mermaid tails have brought about hours of fun for our girls! Highly recommend them, especially if you have a pool or an easy place to access swimming.


Casey Wiegand


May 11, 2022


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