DIY Shelf (Perfectly Styled)

diy shelf pindiy shelf unitNew Perfectly Styled DIY Shelf For the Front Room

After moving into our new home I started to recognize that with much taller ceilings, many of our furniture pieces felt almost miniature. I knew that styling would be key, and also adding in vertical height in taller furniture pieces where we could would make all of the difference. So we decided to build a diy shelf at the perfect height for our space!

diy shelf bracketsBringing My Vision To Life With A DIY Shelf (that fits our tall space!)

My husband Chris has been building things for me for about 15 years now — he’s incredible at bringing my vision to life. Our formal living room has some of the tallest ceilings in our home and gorgeous extra tall windows. The light in there is magic! I knew that this space really would need a grand piece of furniture to showcase the height of the ceiling and windows. I started dreaming up diy shelf ideas and then in came Chris!

Casey Wiegand diy shelfPlanning A Design And Seeing It Through (diy custom furniture)

Chris built this beautiful and simple shelving unit that was much larger and taller in scale than most of what I could find when searching for a piece for this room. Some aspects that Chris had to consider were diy shelf brackets, diy shelf dividers, diy shelf with hooks, diy shelf brackets wood, size and scale, and the length that we wanted for each shelf.

Chris was great about including the kiddos in this process, it really was a family affair! We painted this piece together, and once it was in our room it felt like it was truly made for this space — because it was, after all.

diy shelf ideasThe Perfect Touch For A Room That We Love To Spend Time In!

We gather in this space to spend time reading, listening and playing music together we love this white shelf speaker, playing family games like this clue game as a book, and enjoying the beautiful sunlight in this space! It really is an area for rest, togetherness, conversation, and creativity!

Once the shelf was painted, dried, and placed in the living room, it was time to get styling! I am still adding items to this shelf and I think it will speak to me over time with what to layer in.

diy shelf wallThese Are A Few Tips For DIY Shelf Styling That Never Fail Me!

1. Start with a blank canvas. If you are re-styling shelves that already have items on them, take them off and take a moment to look at your shelves empty, before adding items in.

2. Take a step back and map it out. Get a good idea of the size of the styling space. Measure the height, and decide how many items you may need to fill your shelves well. Our diy shelf wall had lots of space to fill.

3. Balance is key. Consider height variation, individual separate groupings of items, and how to draw one’s eye from side to side for diy shelf decor like this set of two ceramic circle vases.  It is important not to clump all tall items in one spot and all short in another. Make sure to balance heights and visual weight.

4. Mix of materials. This adds interest and texture. Metals like this gold bird set, glass, greenery, basket texture like this sea grass basket set, paper like this blank book stack or this neutral book stack  artwork, wood and other natural materials, different vessel materials this adds interest and is another way to add balance. Try to carry certain textures throughout different shelves and varying ends of each shelf. Also consider mixing in color and carrying it throughout, like this blue faux floral vase

5. Bring in old and new. Family heirlooms, special books, vintage finds add interest and authenticity to a new shelf styling with some new decor items like this pampas sun. Anything that is meaningful and tells a story adds such interest!

You can take these tips and use them anywhere, whether a bedroom shelf, a living room like ours, or even a diy shelf over washer and dryer.


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May 23, 2022


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