Primary Bedroom Reveal

primary bedroom

Primary Bedroom Reveal

Creating a cozy home is something that means the world to me, and our bedroom is one of the most important spaces to bring comfort and calm into. It’s been so much fun taking you along on this journey with us, and revealing each room in our home one by one.

Now that much of the construction from our renovation has subsided, we’ve been decorating and layering in our personality and style. It’s been such a joy to be part of the process, and to see it through to this stage of making our house a home, and with our primary bedroom design. Seeing all of these dreams become more of a reality fills me with such gratitude.

Our primary bedroom suite is a space to retreat, to rest, to feel restored, to connect after the kiddos go to bed — it’s also a space where my girls snuggle up, we have heartfelt talks and have already had such sweet moments of getting dressed up together, having our hair done and just enjoying all things girly.

primary bedroom accent wall

Some of the elements for our primary bedroom that I love most:

Casey Wiegand primary bedroom

+Our cozy bed and bedding+

A king size bed, with a frame that looks vintage, white bedding that layers in texture, a bench at the end of the bed that serves as a great space to put on and take off shoes, or a spot for our pets to curl up.

+A seating area+

The seating area serves as a beautiful spot for conversation. An area where Chris can often be found with his guitar. A space for our kiddos to gather when I’m getting ready. I love the idea of having a seating area in the primary bedroom, as it really does become one of the hearts of the home. Planning for a primary bedroom layout that has space for a seating area was important to us.

+Artwork on our walls as primary bedroom decor+

I plan on adding more along the way, but layering in colorful art is such a beautiful way to be surrounded by creativity and inspiration, and to create a primary bedroom accent wall. We kept our primary bedroom paint colors neutral, which is the perfect backdrop for colorful art!

+A mix of new and vintage pieces+

This is a theme that is carried through our entire home. I love finding antique furniture that can serve multiple purposes. There’s a hutch in our room that does just that, and I love it so much!

+Cozy primary bedroom lighting+

This is a must through our whole home, and even more so in our bedroom. I love having lamps and lights on dimmers, when we wind down at night our space feels super cozy!

+Items to add warmth and coziness+

These items include an area rug, throw pillows, throw blankets and personalized items like photographs, primary bedroom wallpaper, books, and collected pieces that truly bring a space to feeling inviting and personal. I saved ideas for  bedroom ideas modern and  bedroom ideas cozy when designing this space.

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Amazon Bedroom favorites, home decor

Here are links to some of my absolute favorites for amazon bedroom home decor.

Arched mirrors for the bedroom, side tables , cute velvet love seats and lamps all found here!

primary bedroom decor

Decorating our bedroom is for sure an ongoing process. I am so happy to be in a spot where it feels like a retreat for us and is cozy for us to rest and feel renewed. That energy carries throughout the rest of our renovating and settling into our house!


Casey Wiegand

Casey Wiegand primary bedroom suite


April 18, 2022


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