Mommy And Me Easter Outfits

Casey Wiegand mommy and me outfitsCasey Wiegand mommy and me outfits baby

Mommy And Me Easter Outfits

I am so excited to share our mommy and me easter outfits.

There are few things that I adore more than dressing up with my girls. What a dream to have three daughters, and each of them still loves getting dressed up together!

We loved these coral peach lace dresses, and how feminine and springy they are. They would be perfect dressed up for a spring wedding or for an extra special Easter celebration. We’ve also looked for outfits for all different occasions including mommy and me outfits black for a more formal look!

We had our hair braided, and matching mermaid waves. These moments are special and cherished by each of us. Watching them grow up is a gift that I will never take for granted. Witnessing their sisterhood blossom is one of my life’s greatest joys!

I can see so clearly in each of their eyes how special they feel on days like this, and that the process of getting dressed up together is a fun way for all of us to bond and connect. ( shop these dresses here)

Casey Wiegand mommy and me outfits

A few ideas for Mommy & Me Easter Outfits:

Casey Wiegand mommy and me easter outfits

+ Search Pinterest or Google for Mommy & Me Easter Outfits +

A quick pinterest or google search will show you inspo and even some of the shops that make matching outfits! This would be the simplest way to get an exact match, to pick up mommy and me outfits dresses, or mommy and me outfits baby if your little one is still an infant – believe it or not they have lots of cute options!

mommy and me outfits baby

+ Don’t feel that they have to be exact +

A similar silhouette or color scheme can still make your outfits feel cohesive and matching.

+ Hairstyles, nails, shoes, makeup, jewelry, hair accessories all can match too +

Get creative!

+ Have fun with it and make a day of glam and pampering +

You can have a friend that is good with hair or even a hairstylist come in to give special matching hairdos for the day!

+ Take photos to treasure +

Don’t forget to capture these special memories. They are only this little and excited to match with mama for so long! Soak it in! I even put on some tunes and grabbed a few videos of us all dancing. It’s like a photograph that has come to life, I know that I will treasure any way that I’ve made an effort to record these memories for years to come.

+ Make special plans +

Is this for a holiday, or can you make a special date day with your daughter(s)? Whether you put out a snack board, fun kiddo bubbly drinks, and your favorite music — or you head out to see a special play or concert or to a restaurant that your kids love, make this moment count!

Know that simply taking the time to choose special outfits, or to make spending time together a priority will make a lasting memory for both yourself and your children. It’s worth it to take the ordinary, and to make it magic! I am forever grateful for the many moments that have become etched into my memory as pure magic with my little ones.


Casey Wiegand

mommy and me easter outfits


April 15, 2022


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