DIY Table Runner For Spring

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DIY Table Runner For Spring

Spring decor and welcoming table scapes make my heart happy! I have the perfect project if you’re hosting a special get together like a Mother’s Day brunch or mommy and me tea party! This spring themed DIY table runner is darling, and a fun way to get your kiddos to help out with decorating for a special occasion.

I love to lay out a project like this, with all of the supplies, and then call my kiddos in to help. There’s something about everything being ready for them to dive in, that invites them for a moment to pause and to be creative together.

If you’re planning to make a diy table runner, look no further, these steps are simple to follow and add such a fun element to your next party!

diy table runnerDIY Table Runner Ideas

Casey Wiegand diy table runner What You’ll Need:

+ Roll of white art paper +

You could also do this on canvas paper, but I wanted to make this kid friendly! Let the kids get involved!

+ Different shades of pink paint +

You can either buy different shades or just add a little white paint!

+ Green, black (or brown), and white paint +

+ Paintbrushes+

+ Cotton swabs+

diy table runner ideasHow to paint easy pink flowers:

diy table runner no sewThere is no perfect way to do this!

+ I simply make wavy circles (almost like clouds) +

If I use darker pink for the main color, then I come back through with the lighter pink to make it look more “real.” I made a few flowers using the lighter pink first and added a little darker through the middle.

+ Use black or brown paint for the middle+

Just dab your paintbrush a few times (the less perfect, the more realistic it will look!)

+ Paint leaves with green paint+

Once again, no perfect way to do this- just draw a line and curl it back around at the top.

Casey Wiegand diy table runner ideas no sewHow to make flowers with cotton swabs:

+ First, paint thin green lines going different directions (doesn’t have to be perfect!) +

+ Dip your cotton swab in the darker pink +

Start a little above the green line and dab, making it get slightly wider as you go down.

+ Flip your cotton swab over and dip it in your lighter pink +

Go down the middle of your flower.

+ To add extra highlights, go down one side with a little bit of white+

Lay your new painted table runner out to dry! Once completely dry, set your table with bud vases of florals, a pretty lantern, your favorite dishware, and a special note or affirmation card for each of your honored guests.

Whether you’re looking for diy table runner wedding, diy table runner no sew, diy table runner ideas simple, diy table runner ideas dining rooms, or diy table runner ideas no sew this can be a great option or starting point for you to put your own spin on! Simple watercolor greenery could be a beautiful and sophisticated table runner for a more formal event.

What a fun way to add creativity and art into your next time hosting a special event!


Casey Wieganddiy table runner ideas simple


April 27, 2022


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