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new countertops on old cabinetsnew countertopsOur New Countertops

It has felt like a long time coming, but our new countertops are all finally installed! I’m thrilled with how they turned out, and how much they’ve finished off our space.

Our kitchen, pantry, and art room are all functional now, and it’s been such a joy to use these spaces, after months of dreaming how each room would come together!

We decided to go with neutral stone, with large scale veining. I felt like this was timeless, and also added a modern feel to our home. I’m excited to share some photos of our new countertops before and after.

new countertopsnew countertops before and after

When choosing new countertops here are a few things to consider:

+ Budget +

Depending on your budget this might impact the material of countertop that you go with. Other factors that affect what you choose are how large of a space you add new countertops to, and the finish that you go with. Before choosing new countertops it’s a great idea to first sit down and decide what your final budget will be. New countertops on a budget are possible, depending on what material you go with!

+ New Countertops Material +

There are so many gorgeous options out there now for counters! Whether you go with granite, marble, quartz, laminate, butcherblock — there really are lots of choices.

+ New Countertops Color/ Tone +

Once you have an idea of the material you like, if you visit a warehouse or design center you can browse the selection of color, style of veining, and what will look best in your space.

+ New Countertops Finish +

You can go for a matte or polished surface with many styled of stone, so be sure to ask about your options!

+ Edge Style +

You’ll also have the opportunity to decide the style of edging that you want — squared off, rounded, a more intricate design. Most places will have examples of what they offer based on the material that you go with.

+ Measuring/ Templating +

You should prepare to have someone in your home to measure, provide a quote, and make a template of the area that you want new countertops for. Depending on the scope of the job, and the material that you go with, there could be a longer turn around times. It might help ease the stress of construction they can do demo and install close together. This way you aren’t without counters for too long.

We are so happy with how our counters turned out, they have helped us settle into our home, and to enjoy all that comes with a functioning kitchen!


Casey Wiegand

new countertops on a budgetCasey Wiegand new countertops


March 16, 2022


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