Lighting Fixtures In Our New Home

lighting fixtures

new year home refreshlighting fixtures kitchenCasey Wiegand office ideasLighting Fixtures In Our New Home

One of the most important elements of home decor is lighting fixtures. I really feel that this can make or break a space! It adds an element of warmth and coziness that makes a huge difference in the overall essence of a space.

In our home, It was important to me to strike the perfect balance of classic shapes for our light fixtures, but with a bit of a modern twist. Most of our light fixtures are white or brass, which I feel like is neutral and has a nice flow throughout the home.

It was a labor of love choosing each fixture, from chandeliers, to wall sconces, pendants, flush mounts, bathroom lighting and everything in between. With so many rooms being redone, making these final lighting selections took some time — but I had a clear vision for what I was wanting in each space.

Lighting not only brings in warmth, but with my style it is the perfect way to add whimsy! From floral sconces, to brass birds, whimsical and playful scroll work, lantern looks, to a French classic feel, I love how our fixtures weave our personality through our home.

Several fixtures that we spent the most time on were lighting fixtures dining room, lighting fixtures kitchen, lighting fixtures bedroom, lighting fixtures bathroom, lighting fixtures kitchen pendant and our foyer chandelier.

Casey Wiegand dining room wallpaper reveallighiting fixtures dining roomCasey Wiegand lighting fixtureslighting fixtures bathroomSome tips when choosing lighting fixtures of your own:

+ Have a Defined Style +

Take some time to browse magazines, Pinterest, and your own personal style through decorating that you’ve already completed. Try to keep all of your lighting choices within that specific style/ era.

+ Stick to cohesive finishes +

We chose white and brass, you might choose black and brass, all brass, woven finishes — whatever it may be I suggest sticking to two maybe three finishes throughout your home. Don’t be afraid to occasionally mix finishes, but I tend to gravitate toward a cohesive feel.

+ Keep your scale grande +

I usually like o say the bigger the better for something like a chandelier or statement light over a table. Measure to be sure of what will fit — and try to choose something on the larger size of what you have room for. It will fill the space nicely and make an impact.

+ Don’t be afraid to get creative +

Playful, whimsy, out-of-the-box design are all perfect to experiment with in something like lighting. It’s really like jewelry for a space! Some lighting can even feel like art.

+ Dimmer switches are a great choice +

When setting a mood for your home, never underestimate the power of lighting on dimmers! This way you can adjust according to the occasion or time of day.

+ Add lighting at different levels +

Floor lamps, table lamps, wall sconces, chandeliers, flush mount ceiling lighting — all of this brings your eye through a space, and adds a sense of coziness that is difficult to put your finger on! Lighting really is such an important element.

lighting fixtures bedroomoffice interior designlighting fixtures bathroomlighting fixtures bathroom

As we finish up our home, these touches make all of the difference in making everything extra cozy and welcoming! I’m so grateful to have had the experience of designing and choosing so many of the elements in our house, it’s all coming together more than I ever could have hoped for!


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lighting fixtures kitchenlighting fixtures new year home refreshCasey Wiegand lighting fixtures



March 14, 2022


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