Garage Organization

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Garage Organization

The projects are continuing with our home renovation, and we are really turning a corner when it comes to fully settling in! One area that felt a bit out of place, and was a collector of all of the things while we moved in was our garage. It feels so good to have it organized and ready with space to fill it with what we need the most storage for!

We knew in this house that we wanted our garage to be really functional, with lots of storage, garage organization ideas diy, and organization systems in place. We have the floor epoxied, the walls and ceiling painted a fresh coat of white, and shelving installed. I’m loving how the space has come together, and the difference that it will make in having a finished storage and utility area.

More and more is coming together with our new home over time, and it feels really good to feel settled in and to have a place for all of our belongings again. If you’ve been through renovations, you know how hard it can be to keep track of everything when certain rooms are torn apart!

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garage organization

A few tips for garage organization ideas:

Finish the Space:

 I find finishing off the garage space can make a huge difference in the way that we keep it organized. In many ways a finished garage can feel like an extension of the house. Whether this means a fresh coat of paint on the walls, staining, painting, or epoxying the floor, adding in lighting — any of these would make a huge difference!

Go Vertical/ Add Shelving/ garage organization ideas storage:

The more floor space the better! Adding in shelving gives a not only a great option for organizing, storage for bins giving everything a home, but it also allows for extra floor space if you like to be able to park your cars in the garage.

Hooks/ Peg Board

Keeping in line with everything having its place, and keeping open floor space — consider adding hooks for things like rakes/ shovels/ sporting equipment and peg board for tools. Once everything has a home and garage organization systems, it’s so much simpler to stay organized.


I think having zones can be helpful too. We have one corner or wall for sports and outdoor gear, another for landscaping and lawn care, another for home tools/ paint/ home improvement materials, another for seasonal decor. It’s easy to find what you need when you need it! If you aren’t moving into a new home with an empty garage, and are trying to tackle your current garage that is filled, consider using your driveway as a landing zone. You can label areas for different categories and start by removing everything from your garage into the sections that correspond. Putting things back inside in an organized fashion will be much easier!

garage organization

I’d love to hear if you have any tips for maintaining an organized garage! We are so happy to have ours in working order as we settle into our new home!


Casey Wiegand 


March 2, 2022


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