Our Family Spring Break

Wiegand family spring break

Our Family Spring Break

Our family spring break was just what we needed. Soaking in every moment together, laughter filling our walls, spending the last minutes of daylight outside in our backyard, playing together, being creative with each other… These are the moments of motherhood that I always dreamed of and longed for.

These are the days that I’ll always remember, the moments that I know I will soon miss so deeply, even while we’re right here living in the middle of them I know how fleeting childhood can be.

Casey Wiegand family spring breakCasey Wiegand family spring break ideas

Precious Time Together

Time is such a tricky thing, and motherhood is full of so much emotion. It’s the excitement, gratitude, and joy to watch your children grow and to learn more about who they are becoming — mixed with the longing for the days when our kiddos are babies and littles. I’ve learned to let both feelings exist, and to come and go as they will, to let that longing serve as a reminder to live in the moment and to be present with them.

Time together like spring break, having each of our children home, watching them play together and make such precious memories, I wouldn’t change this moment in time, and the stages that each of them are in for anything! It’s such a gift to be a witness to their childhoods, and to watch as their bonds with one another grow.

family spring break destinationsfamily spring break ideas

Family Spring Break Staycation

We spent this break at home, which was especially sweet, as our home projects have really started to feel more and more complete, I love getting to live out our days in this home that we had so many dreams and plans for! It’s been a long road to get here, and I know that each of us are enjoying settling in and making memories together in our forever home. Instead of family spring break destinations, I was more focused on family spring break ideas for time spent at home and for staycations in our city!

The Texas sun allowed for lots of time in our pool. The girls love wearing their mermaid tails and they all can honestly be content swimming for hours! We all love to soak in the sunshine and this break definitely had us looking forward to summer vacation!

Wiegand family spring break ideasWiegands family spring break vacations

Fun Spring Break Activities

We made art and crafts and family spring break shirts together in our art room! So many dreams for this space, and it makes my heart so happy to now get to live them out! Truly nothing makes me happier than making art with my kiddos.

The girls have their silks aerial silks hanging in our foyer, and they have so much fun being little acrobats together! These are the moments of childhood that I hope they hold onto forever. Making everyday magic come alive on a slow day spent at home.

We went to a fun indoor trampoline place, did indoor rock climbing, and did a few fun things around Dallas together too! Most of our time was spent at home, but we had some fun outings as well!

Lots of precious memories were made, and though we love travel and family spring breaks vacation, there’s something extra sweet about the season that we are in and what soaking in our home means to us.


Casey Wiegand

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March 28, 2022


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