Adelaide’s Bathroom Reveal

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Adelaide’s Bathroom Reveal

I can’t believe that we are marking a year of owning our new home! It’s been such a joy to share this space with you through the before, during, and after of our renovation. I love showing new glimpses and have been excited to share Adelaide’s bathroom, since it is nearing completion!


Renovating Each of Our Bathrooms to Match our Style

Each of our children have their own bathroom, and I tried to make each of their bathrooms have a bit of a reflection of their main bedroom within them. I like to keep most of the larger investment parts of our renovation neutral, and to decorate with color when it comes to art and textiles, I kept this in mind when deciding on decor ideas.

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Using Neutral Tones for Investment Pieces and Permanent Fixtures

The bathrooms were no exception here, I went with natural tones for tile, countertops, bathroom paint ideas, and fixtures. I did enjoy adding a bit of whimsy and personality into the shape of the tiles in each of their bathrooms.

We LOVE the way Adelaide’s floor tile turned out. The shape is timeless yet unique and not something that you see everyday! It was so fun looking at bathroom tile ideas together to get inspiration for this space.

bathroom decor ideas

Bringing Blue Into The Bathroom Decor

I brought the blue from her bedroom into her bathroom decor through towels, and might also add some in through an area rug and artwork. I like adding personal touches this way, and they can easily be swapped out if her space or style ever changes.

bathroom tile ideasChoosing Decor to Finish Adelaide’s Bathroom Space

Adelaide’s woven mirror, flanked by two sconces make her sink area feel special and sophisticated. I had so much fun picking lighting for our home, and Adelaide’s bathroom was no exception! I really feel that lighting can elevate any room and take your decor to the next level.

I’m still adding finishing touches, and will be collecting more bathroom decor, glass jars and canisters for organization, and adding a few more of her favorite  items into this space.

I’ll be sharing more of our bathrooms as we finish each room! We are so grateful to have such lovely and cozy spaces for our children to enjoy! We will never take this home of ours for granted, and all of the love that fills these walls!


Casey Wiegand

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March 21, 2022


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