Art Room Reveal

art room organization

Art Room Reveal

One of my absolute favorite projects of our entire renovation is our art room! Making this space for our children to be creative together, to foster an appreciation for making art, for working alongside one another — this means everything to my heart as a mama!

art room ideas

Making Space for our Art Room

This space was originally a kitchen, and as we shifted our floor plan around and relocated the kitchen, I had a vision that this would make such a perfect art space. As an artist and a former art teacher, it means the world to me to see my children be creative and to make their own art.

We have lots of art supplies, and in our previous home we had a big art table with a cabinet that held most of our art stuff — so the idea of having an entire room made me so excited!

art room decor classroom

Designing a Creative Area that Works for our Family

When designing this space, I knew that I wanted a large table for the kiddos to be able to work side by side, and for me to be able to paint alongside of them as well. I also wanted them each to have an independent workspace for homework, or projects that they want to work solo on.

My parents gifted each kiddo a computer for Christmas and it made this space extra special! As they now have a desk area for each of them with their own computer to work from!

art room doors

The More Storage the Merrier

I incorporated lockers into this space as I felt this would be a great storage option for each kiddo to have their own locker.  Below each locker we added charging capabilities for their one wheels.

There is cabinetry all around the perimeter of the room as well as open shelving. This provides ample storage for all of our art supplies, crafting materials, school projects and more. We have room to grow into this space which is what I love most!

You can decorate the room with art room posters, works of art by your kiddos, art room decor classroom/ school room pieces, work from your favorite artists. Another fun idea is for your art room doors to double as bulletin boards or chalkboards!

Casey Wiegand art room organization

A few tips if creating an art room of your own:

+ Collect Containers +

The more baskets, boxes, bins, jars etc. that you can gather over time, it’ll be a breeze organizing everything! Think about repurposing things you may already have!

+ Keep Supplies Easy to Grab +

I like to leave a few things out that prompt creativity. The easier to grab and more together things are, the more likely you will be to make art together. Depending on your kiddo’s age, for them to grab what they need and start creating!

+ Collect Art Supplies Over Time +

Don’t think that creating an art space has to be an expensive investment all at once. I always incorporate some type of art gift for each child for their birthday, Easter, Christmas, back-to-school season . Grabbing multiple useful items, you can quickly build up an art area. You’ll create an art room aesthetic in no time!

+ Encourage Creative Time +

Put a playlist on, get a diffuser going, set out the supplies for a specific type of art onto a table, maybe start creating yourself and invite your children to join you — these prompts are a beautiful way to start creating art together!

We are so happy with our space, and most importantly spending quality memory making moments in there together!


Casey Wiegand art room ideas



March 23, 2022


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