Our Sweet Valentines Day

Casey Wiegand valentinesValentines Favorite Moments

We had such a sweet Valentines Day, and I’m storing away so many special memories! I’m a lover of holidays and celebrations, and it makes my heart happy to know that my girls are the same way. I can see them light up at the traditions and festivities, which makes it all extra memorable!valentines day outfit

valentines day outfits Valentines PJs Cozy at Home

A few of our highlights — fun Valentines PJs are a must each year. I love matching with my girls. Being cozied up together, watching movies, festive snacks, these are truly some of my favorite moments together! You can’t fault a mama for capturing a few cute pictures of us all together in our matching PJs! I know that these moments with them little are fleeting, and I don’t want to miss it!

valentines day crafts for kidsvalentines day crafts

Valentines for School

I sent the girls off to school with the sweetest valentine conversation heart headbands, pink and red valentines day outfits, heart sunglasses, and the cutest clear bags for their Valentines. I loved the You’re a Gem Valentines, little eraser diamond rings that had a personal touch. For teachers we did iced coffee cups, with a paper straw, matching ribbon, and package filler in brown and white – these would make fun valentines day crafts for kids. We stuck gift cards for their teachers in them, and the front read, “love and coffee is all you need!” We are so grateful for our wonderful teachers and any way to show them how special they are is important to us! At school they made valentines day crafts and exchanged valentines with their classmates.

valentines day crafts for kidsvalentines day crafts for kids

An Extra Sweet Season

I’ve shared glimpses into the fact that we are now homeschooling Aiden, and there have been so many signs and confirmations that we’ve made the right decision for him! Playing outside after school with his sisters and dad, football and time being active together is definitely a love language for him and a way to fill up his cup. This quality time was more difficult to come by with so much homework and the pressures that can come with traditional school. It’s been such a gift to see our boy with more time for the things that light him up. Valentine’s Day was the perfect day to soak in some of this family time. A reminder that this holiday is about more than just romantic love. Family love, friendship love, self love — all still deserve celebrating on Valentine’s Day!
Wrapping up the Day

Casey Wiegand valentinesvalentines day outfits

Valentines Dinner at Home

We had a nice dinner at home together. My girls love to set a festive table with valentines day decorations so we got to enjoy a precious valentine dinner as a family. We had some of our favorite treats. We all love sweets and baked goods and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to have some of our favorites. I love chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes, and sugar cookies as valentine dessert options!

We really had such a sweet holiday together. I am forever grateful for the love that fills our home, and any chance that we have to celebrate it!


Casey Wiegand

Casey Wiegand valentines


February 28, 2022


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