Sweet Valentines Recipes

valentines recipes breakfastSweet Valentines Recipes

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we are soaking in all of the sweet festive crafts and treats with these valentines recipes! My girls especially love this holiday, and we really have a lot of fun together decorating and celebrating! Depending on where you live, February can be a bit of a dreary month weather wise, so I say bring in all of the pink, red, glitter, and hearts to add some cheer indoors!

I’m sharing a favorite craft and snack, to make your Valentine’s Day extra festive! I love Valentines recipes for kids, valentines recipes dinner families, valentines recipes appetizers, valentines recipes breakfast, valentines recipes dinner meals and valentines recipes desserts baking – these are more of a quick simple treat to make that is valentines recipes easy and fun to pull off!

Wishing you a beautiful month of love – and a reminder that love transcends romantic love! Family love, friendship love, self love all get to be celebrated this Valentine’s Day!!

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A favorite craft that turns out SO adorable are these marbled hearts! Here’s what you’ll need and the steps to make your own:valentines recipes easyVALENTINE MARBLED HEARTS


+Shaving cream+

+Food coloring (or paint thinned out with water)+

+Eye dropper+

+White card stock+


+Paper plate+

+Heart shape or printable+



+Tongue depressor+

+Paper towels+


+Hole punch+

How To:

1. Cut cardstock into heart shapes. I did different sizes.

2. Put different colors of food coloring or paint into bowls. Add water to make lighter colors.

3. Spray shaving cream onto a paper plate. Smooth out evenly.

4. Using the eyedropper, drip food coloring/ paint onto shaving cream.

5. Using an upside down paintbrush, swirl the colors around. I did a pinwheel pattern, but you can also do straight lines from top to bottom through the colors.

6. Put your paper heart on top of the shaving cream and gently press down.

7. Place on a paper towel (or surface that you don’t mind getting messy!) shaving cream side up.

8. Using a tongue depressor, scrape away the shaving cream from top to bottom. Use a paper towel to get the excess shaving cream off.

9. Allow to dry. If the ends start to curl up, place under a book to flatten out (after it has dried!)

10. Hole punch and hang on a string. You can also let your little one(s) write Valentine’s messages on them!

valentines recipes easy

Here’s a fun snack that you can pair with your crafting day, or have for a little get together or party, or to have as a little treat before or after your valentines recipe dinner! I’m sure that you could make it a Valentines recipe healthy, by instead using yogurt and freezing, adding raisins, nuts or berries! But these are such a fun little treat as is!

valentines recipes desserts bakingVALENTINE SNACK RECIPE




+Valentine’s M&Ms+


+Pink candy melts (or melted white chocolate chips with a drop of pink food coloring)+

How To:

1. First, melt your candy melts or white chocolate chips. If you choose to use chocolate chips, you may need to add a little bit of water so it is easier to drizzle!

2. Lay a piece of parchment paper down.

3. Put a layer of pretzels down then drizzle with candy melt.

4. Next, add a layer of popcorn then drizzle with candy melt.

5. Now it’s time for sprinkles and M&Ms. Drizzle with more candy melt if desired.
You can do as much or as little candy melt as you want!

6. Let candy melt harden (10-30 minutes depending on how much you used) then enjoy!

Tag me if you give these valentines recipes a try!


Casey Wiegand

Casey Wiegand valentines recipes for kids


February 2, 2022


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