Snow Day Fun In Texas

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Like much of the country, we had a snow day last week! Here in Texas, it’s not as common, so my kiddos get especially excited when there’s even a chance of snow!

Last year we experienced a really bad ice and snow storm, power outages, and damage throughout our state, so everyone was a bit on edge and nervous about the weather headed our way. Thankfully we never lost power, and were able to soak in some extra family time and all of the fun activities that come along with wintery weather.

Since snow days are far and few between for us, I like to make them extra special! Here are a few snow day fun ideas for when your kids are home, and you want to make the most of it!

snow day picturessnow day Snow Day Activities For Kids

+ Sledding +

If you’re fortunate enough to have a hill nearby, and enough snow to sled on, this really feels like a snow day right of passage! Get the kids bundled up in their warmest gear/ snow day outfit and head to your nearest sledding spot. You’ll all be sure to make some core memories!

+ Snow Forts +

Again, this depends on how much snow accumulates for you! In Texas we can sometimes just get a dusting. But if you get a fair amount of snow, this can be super fun for kids. Give them shovels, buckets, and a get them bundled up — don’t forget the gloves, since they’ll be using their hands! Be sure to grab some snow day pictures to keep these memories forever.

+ Build a Snowman +

Another one of my favorite snow day activities! Grab a carrot, an old scarf and hat, buttons for eyes, gather sticks for arms, and send your kids in the backyard while you take a moment! Such a fun way to really make the most out of the snow while it’s here, the perfect snow day aesthetic!

+ Snow Ice Cream +

Have your children gather a couple of bowls of clean fresh snow. Add sugar, vanilla extract and a little dash of cream or milk. Mash it up with a fork and serve it up in bowls with a spoon. You can even add sprinkles on top. So fun!

+ Winter Movies +

I even think it’s appropriate to pull out some Christmas movies after Christmas has passed! Anything cozy and snowy after a long day of playing outside in the cold.

+ Bake cookies +

Make cookies or any of your favorite snow day recipes together. Put on a fun playlist and bake together!

+ Make an art project +

All of the extra time home from school calls for a little creativity break. Put out some watercolors or a fun craft, let your kids get creative and make a wintery scene, snowflake, or something that will remind them of this day.

+ Hot Cocoa +

Forever and always looking for an excuse to make a hot mug of cocoa! Set up a little hot cocoa bar and let your kids add their favorite toppings. You can put this into a thermos and enjoy outside, or have it ready inside for when your kids come in from the cold.

snow day activitessnow day recipessnow day activities for kids

Some of my favorite childhood memories come from the slow, simple moments at home. These are the days!


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February 9, 2022


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