Homemade Dog Treats

homemade dog treatshomemade dog treats with peanut butterHomemade Dog Treats

Our home is filled with animal lovers, and truly our family would not be complete without our pets! We have reptiles, a cat, dogs, and more! My kiddos are so loving toward their pets. It makes my mama heart happy to see them nurture and bond with their pets. It is from one of these sweet kiddos that the idea for these homemade dog treats came about.

My 11 year old Ainsleigh came up with the idea all on her own to make some homemade dog treats, and to make her own video about the process. You can check it out on my tiktok — she’s such a sweet soul! Ainsleigh looked at several homemade dog treats recipes, and landed on one that she thought looked simple and like our pups would enjoy the most.

I love the idea of making dog treats from scratch because you can control what ingredients are used. There aren’t preservatives so they will taste better and more fresh for your fur babies!

Below is the recipe that Ainsleigh used to make her own dog treats. We stored them in super cute airtight containers for pet treats.

homemade dog treats 1homemade dog treats peanut butterHomemade Dog Treats with Peanut Butter


+1 cup of water+
+1 cup of peanut butter+
+2.5 cups flour+
+1 cup of baking powder+
+2 tablespoons of honey+
+1 egg+


1. Add flour, baking powder and egg mix

2. Add water peanut butter and honey mix

3. Flour surface, lay dough out flat, and roll

4. Use a cookie cutter -Ainsleigh chose a dog bone

5. Use a fork to make a design

6. Cook for 18 minutes at 350 degrees.

A few different dog treat flavors that you can consider when creating your own homemade dog treats are: pumpkin, blueberry, and banana!

This was our first go around, but I am sure that it won’t be our last. The dogs loved them, and Ainsleigh had a lot of fun making them. She is such a nurturing little soul, and I think it did her heart good to create something special for her beloved pets.

Let me know if you make these, and if your puppies like them!!


Casey Wiegand

homemade dog treats with peanut butterhomemade dog treats recipes


February 23, 2022


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