Fridge Organization Ideas

fridge organization dollar storeFridge Organization Ideas

Now that our kitchen renovation is wrapping up, we are settling in more and getting everything organized! I feel most settled in when our fridge is in good shape, fully stocked, and everything has its place. I’m sharing some photos of our fridge organization, as well as some tips.

If you’ve renovated recently, or purchased new appliances, you know that so much is delayed — waiting on certain appliances takes patience. But so worth it to finally be settling in and to have our kitchen taking shape.

We were also waiting on countertops, and having those in have really made such a huge difference in creating a functioning kitchen. I am beyond excited for all of the memories to be made in our kitchen, to host holidays and celebrations, and to cook together in our newly finished space.

When it comes to organizing, it will take time! We have a lot more cabinet space in our new home, a larger fridge, and in general more spaces to plan out and to make work for our family. We are so grateful to have this extra space to really make our own.

When I think about settling into a kitchen, fridge organization is at the top of the list! I want to have all of our family’s favorites easy to grab and go when needed. Staples on hand for healthy meals and snacks, drinks that we love, fresh produce etc. It feels SO good to have an organized fridge fully stocked up to start a week.

fridge organization drinksHere are a few of my favorite tips for the best fridge organization:

fridge organization containers+ Create Sections +

Simple enough! Let your style of fridge dictate for you where each item should go. I like keeping a section just for beverages, using the drawers to pair produce that has similar humidity needs, keeping dairy separate etc. this also makes for cohesive fridge organization aesthetics.

+ Favorites in Stock +

Keep a running list of your absolute favorites to keep in stock. Fridge organization drinks — coconut water, juices, yogurts, favorite snacks — I love to keep a good amount of back stock so that we don’t run out.

+ Containers +

You can find super cute storage options on amazon for fridge organization containers, fridge organization dollar store, or even use things that you have on hand. There’s something about containing like items together that make them easy to grab and also way simpler to keep organized, especially for fridge organization side by side.

+ Use Door Space +

This can sometimes be overlooked, but I think the door is a great space for beverages or things that you want to easily see and grab.

+ Refresh Each Week +

Make it part of your weekly plans to do a nice wipe down, take stock of what you need, restock items and get things in good shape to start out your week, it really makes all of the difference when it comes to meal time and packing lunches!

fridge organization side by sideI’m loving feeling mostly settled into our kitchen and I plan to keep up on weekly fridge refreshes and restocks!

I’d love to see if you try any of this fun fridge organization! Be sure to tag me!


Casey Wiegandfridge organization


February 21, 2022


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