Valentines Essential Oil Recipes

essential oil recipesValentines Essential Oil Recipes

Something that I love about using essential oils is how easily I can switch up seasonal scents, and really customize things to fit my current mood! When I think of Valentine’s Day and spring beginning to approach, I want a mix of fresh and sweet scents! I’m sharing a few of my favorite essential oil recipes with you here, to take your Valentine’s Day to the next level!

valentines essential oils diffuser

Essential oil recipes diffuser blends:

Want your home to smell like fresh baked sugar cookies without the mess?! Pop this in your diffuser!

Valentine Sugar Cookies

+ 4 drops Cinnamon
+ 4 drops Stress Away
+ 3 drops Peppermint
+ 3 drops Lemon

Candy Hearts

+ 5 vanilla
+ 5 nutmeg
+ 4 orange

I also love making room sprays and linen sprays. These are perfect to freshen up the air and to bring more of a scent into your home. Often I will add the same oils into my diffuser as I do into a room spray! This is a current favorite, and my girls LOVE it!

Cotton Candy Room Spray

(Add as many drops as you need depending on the size of your spray bottle. Use a glass spray bottle, 3 parts water, and one part witch hazel. Shake well before spritzing!)

+ grapefruit
+ lime
+ tangerine
+ cinnamon
+ vanilla

This is super yummy in the diffuser too! If you decide to make a linen or fabric spray, be sure to test a small hidden area of fabric first before using! Never hold the bottle too close, to avoid staining! I usually just mist into the air, and it smells lovely throughout each room.

essential oil recipes blends

Kids rollers

I love making special essential oil recipes rollers for my kiddos! Two current favorites perfect for Valentine’s Day:

Little Hearts

+ 3 Peace & Calming
+ 4 Valor
+ 5 Orange

Dilute rest with the carrier oil of your choice. Always remember to dilute more for younger kiddos! Bottoms of the feet are a great place to start! Avoid any sun exposure for photosensitive oils!

essential oil recipes rollerballValentine love skin glow

Who doesn’t want amazing glowing, healthy from within skin!? Especially before a Valentine date with your sweetheart! Using Young Living Essential Oils on my skin in my beauty routine has been such a game changer. Even just the simple act of adding a roller top right onto my bottle of Frankincense and rolling onto any fine lines before bed has been truly incredible!

Right now I am in love with this roller:

For glowing skin, apply this essential oil recipes rollerball morning & night after cleansing:

+ 10 drops Frankincense
+ 5 drops Geranium
+ 5 drops Copaiba topped with Jojoba Oil

This would be the perfect addition to any bedtime routine!

I love the idea of involving your kiddos, and making a few of these essential oil recipes together right at the beginning of the month! It is a ritual of mine to refill all of my room and linen sprays, roller stations, diffuser droppers, Thieves cleaner and more at the start of the month so that we are good to go!

I hope that you enjoy these blends as much as I do! Be sure to tag me if you give them a try!



Casey Wiegand

essential oil recipes rollerball


February 7, 2022


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