Cereal Bar For Kitchen Inspiration

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Cereal Bar For Kitchen Inspiration

After renovating our new home for most of 2021, it’s been so wonderful to start to add finishing touches to the inside in 2022! Our kitchen countertops arrived, and I have been so giddy decorating the space and adding layers of our favorite things.

I want our kitchen to be a place that my kids feel truly at home, where they can have their own little recipes, helps themselves to their favorite snacks, and feel like they are just as much a part of the space as I am.

I am honestly such a kid at heart, and when I saw these cereal dispensers, I couldn’t help but think about how much I would’ve loved to have something like this as a kid. Let’s be honest, I will be using these just as much as my kiddos. 😉

cereal bar for kitchencereal bar kitchen

cereal bar in kitchen

DIY Cereal Bar For Kitchen

To create our cereal bar for kitchen I purchased four canisters and washed and dried them.

I added the cereals that our family likes to have on hand most for our cereal bar in kitchen. We might rotate these out from time to time!

I keep the kids favorite bowls nearby, and they know that they can help themselves in the morning or for snack time. It could be a sweet idea to have a certain color bowl, plate and cup set for each kid!

I like keeping ours inside of a cabinet, but honestly these are so cute that you could totally keep them out on a countertop.

Refill or switch out as needed, I’ll be washing and drying ours in between uses. I think this will be a really convenient set up and will get a lot of use from our family.

Let me know if you try these cereal bar kitchen ideas! Tag me so that I can see!


Casey Wiegandcereal bar for kitchencereal bar kitchen ideascereal bar for kitchen


February 18, 2022


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