Affirmations For Girls

casey leigh wiegand Affirmations For Girls

It was such a joy for me to share my BIG announcement with you recently. I’m writing a children’s book! I always dreamt about weaving affirmations for girls into a story to uplift children. The excitement that I feel about sharing this dream come true is immeasurable!

I am working with Good & True Media, and am so grateful for this partnership! I’ve always had such a heart for storytelling, and a great love of reading! Some of my favorite memories from childhood are being read to at bedtime, or curling up with a book on my own to pour over fairytales and mysteries.
Casey Wiegand affirmations for girls
Our Words Carry Weight

As a former elementary school art teacher, I witnessed first hand just how impressionable young minds are, and how much our words of encouragement matter to children. It was such a gift to witness how uplifting words and a loving environment impacted their little imaginations and creativity! A forever reminder that our words carry weight with them, and can build others up if we speak life over them.

It’s important to keep this as a reminder for our kiddos too, what they speak over themselves, and the words that they share when talking to others matter! Kindness multiplies and can make a difference in the world. Empowering our children to believe in themselves, and to speak life over others is the most important thing! I can see it when I look into their eyes, when I speak words of encouragement and love, they light up. I want the affirmations included in my story to add an extra twinkle in the eyes, and belief in the hearts of every child that reads it!Casey Wiegand affirmations for girls daughterTreasured Moments Reading Together

The most precious gifts can be found in bedtime routines, snuggled up and reading books together. I find that reading with them is often a catalyst for some of our best discussions and conversations. It is such an honor to think that my words could become part of these treasured moments spent with your children!Casey Wiegand affirmations for girls daughtersThere is Power in Our Words

I believe deeply in the power of our words. What we speak over ourselves and over our families has such an impact. It is important to me to incorporate affirmations in this book. Words of encouragement, truth, wisdom, and strength to speak over your daughters each night before bedtime.

Casey Wiegand affirmations for girls daughters

Making Memories Reading Together

I hope that this book will be a favorite of yours to read with your children. My hope is for it to be beautiful way to remind your daughters of their inner beauty, strength, and goodness!  A source of lasting memories made for your children, in the words and affirmations that are spoken over them through this story!

Stay tuned for more hints and sneak peeks along the way! I can’t wait to reveal more as everything comes together. Your excitement has been the absolute sweetest part of this journey. I am forever grateful for your support each step of the way!


Casey Wiegand

Casey Wiegand affirmations for girls


February 4, 2022


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