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wallpaper inspirationWallpaper Inspiration

Wallpaper is such a simple and impactful way to transform a space. I want to share some sweet wallpaper inspiration with you! I’ve fallen in love with the ease of removable wallpaper, whether you’re covering an entire room, or adding a small accent wall — suddenly there is new life and added charm.

Once we began to renovate our new home, I was certain that I wanted wallpaper to be a major part of it. I especially wanted our daughter’s rooms to have that added bit of whimsy and color, that wallpaper adds so beautifully!

I’ve shared here before, but in case you missed it, I am SUPER proud and inspired have collaborated on The CaseyLeigh Co. wallpaper collection with Curated Walls. We used my wallpaper in our girls’ rooms and it’s been such a dream come true for me!


The CaseyLeigh Wallpaper Collection includes multiple print options of removable floral wallpapers to add beauty to any corner of your home. Each design features soft florals and classic, yet whimsical designs. Browse their site for wallpaper inspiration home decor and wallpaper inspiration aesthetic!

I hope that you feel empowered to make your space a reflection of you!

wallpaper inspirationA few tips for creating cohesive design that incorporates wallpaper:

Casey Wiegand wallpaper inspiration aesthetic+ Find an Inspiration Piece+

Whether the wallpaper itself is your inspiration, a piece of art, a bedding set, a throw pillow — start somewhere. Wallpaper inspiration bedroom, kitchen, living room, are all things that I would search on Pinterest to get a feel for your design style. What is that piece that really gives you inspiration!? You can pull from it throughout your design process!

+ Pull Out a Color Palette+

Your color palette can come from that inspiration piece. Take your time to notice all of the different hues and what might be most complimentary! This will help you when choosing paint colors, or any of the other room elements. I find even thinking about this for wallpaper inspiration home decor hallway and smaller spaces is helpful!

wallpaper inspiration home decor+ Less Theme more Feel+

Rather than a theme, think of the feel that you want! Don’t get too caught up in making your space too literal, instead branch out a bit and allow it to feel collected, yet still cohesive. I kept this in mind when choosing wallpaper inspiration home decor bedroom for my kiddos.

+ Layer Over Time+

Give yourself time to bring your space together. I think when we shop for everything at once, or rush the process, we are less likely to create a space that we will truly love for years to come. Pick out your main elements, but give yourself time to layer in the rest!

Casey Wiegand wallpaper inspiration home decor hallway+ Keep Key Pieces Neutral+

I like keeping an investment piece like a table, sofa, bed, etc. neutral, and bringing color in through textiles, wallpaper, rugs, curtains, and decor. This will make it less likely that you’ll want to replace those key pieces.

+ Mix High and Low+

I love having a mix of higher investment pieces, paired with lower cost or DIY. Whether it be a chandelier, a gorgeous area rug, a piece of art — save up for that investment, but feel free to pair with repainted furniture that you may already have, or something cute from Target that doesn’t break the bank!

Casey Wiegand wallpaper inspiration+ Incorporate Vintage/ Collected/ Heirloom+

This has been something dear to my heart from the moment that I began decorating our own space! Shop vintage, antique shops, flea markets, furniture markets, Facebook marketplace. Adding in a vintage mirror, antique art, a sideboard table, or a pretty antique chair makes such a statement. Your home feels more established, collected, sophisticated and whimsical!

I can’t wait to see what you do with your space, and my heart is so full seeing my wallpaper collection in other’s homes!


Casey Wiegandwallpaper inspiration bedroom


January 14, 2022


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