New Year Home Refresh

new year home refresh 7New Year Home Refreshnew year home refresh

A close second to my love for decorating for the holidays is a new year home refresh. I start by taking it all down to start fresh for the new year! Typically our decorations are put away by December 26th, and my mind is already swirling with ideas, goals, and hopes for the new year!

I think there are two types of people, those that love to leave the Christmas decor up to make the season last a little longer, and those of us that are ready to start the new year with a fresh space! What do you typically do!? I love seeing new fresh spaces, and also appreciate each of you that like to soak it in a little longer!

It’s been fun freshening up our space, since we are still getting used to our new home, still completing our renovation, and we have more to decorate, it feels really good to clear out the holiday decorations! It’s helping me to visualize what still needs to be done, and to breathe a little easier with open spaces!

new year home refresh 1Here are some tips for a new year home refresh:

new year home refresh+ Start with where you spend most of your time!

Kitchen, bedroom,  home office, living room. Start where you’ll be most often, this will usually motivate you to keep moving throughout your house!

+ Create a cleaning caddy!

I like to have a cleaning caddy with me to carry room to room.

My favorite household cleaner, cleaning rags or towels, linen spray, duster — whatever else I may need. Makes cleaning up a breeze!

new year home refresh 4+ Get ready to donate and toss!

For me, cleaning up after Christmas is more than simply putting the decorations away, it’s also about decluttering in general to start fresh. Bring donate and toss bags around with you room to room, and do a refresh of drawers and belongings.

+ New Year wardrobe refresh is a great idea!

I love taking stock in what each of us have, how often we wear it, if it’s working for us etc. There’s nothing more motivating for the new year than having your closet in really good shape, with all of the items you love to wear most easy to reach for!

new year home refresh 3+ Wash linens!

Give your sheets and bedding a nice wash, throw blankets that have been cuddled in all holiday season, favorite pillows etc. Start fresh with all of them nice and clean!

+ Rearrange rooms/ furniture!

This can be another powerful way to usher in new energy and to start fresh! This doesn’t have to be a whole house thing, or take up too much of your time, but sometimes rearranging a few furniture spaces can really breathe new life into your space.

new year home refresh+ New Scents!

I’ve had Christmas Spirit on heavy rotation with my essential oils, I think switching up your diffuser blends and room sprays can bring a new energy as well. Think brighter clean blends — anything citrus is wonderful! Lime, Grapefruit & Rosemary is lovely! I’m also a big fan of Tangerine & Vanilla!

Tell me, are you someone who keeps the decorations up through the new year, or do you like a new year home refresh right away!?


Casey Wiegandnew year home refresh


January 5, 2022


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