Candy Cane Sparkling Lemonade

Casey Wiegand sparkling lemonadeCandy Cane Sparkling Lemonade

Casey Wiegand sparkling lemonadeWho doesn’t love a festive and fun treat this time of year!? With all of the parties, get togethers with friends, and family fun this is a sweet drink that all will be sure to love!

sparkling lemonadeSparkling Lemonade Recipe

sparkling lemonade non alcoholicWhat you’ll need:

Whipped Marshmallow Fluff, a festive glass, sprinkles, candy canes, sparkling lemonade or regular lemonade and sparkling soda or sparkling water/ seltzer, cotton candy.

+ Grab a festive champagne flute or cute cocktail glass (feel free to use plastic for kiddos!)

+ Dip rim of glass into marshmallow fluff. This is PERFECT for adding sprinkles or crushed candy cane.

+ In a flat dish lay out sprinkles or crushed candy.

+ Dip champagne glass with fluff on rim, into sprinkles.

+ Add a bit of cotton candy to your glass.

+ Pour over sparkling lemonade or lemonade and seltzer/ sparkling lemonade punch, or for adults over the age of 21 you could use champagne! These are perfect for sparkling lemonade non alcoholic mocktails or sparkling lemonade cocktails!

+ Add a candy cane stick for garnish. Super cute and festive for Christmas or for New Years Eve!


sparkling lemonade cocktailMore tips for fun festive drink area for your next holiday get together:

+ Set up a designated drink area+

Whether you’re keeping it kid friendly, or making a bar for adults, you can keep drinks available that are simple for party goers to grab and refill on their own!

+ Add pretty glassware+

Think champagne glasses, wine glasses, rocks glasses, as well as kid friendly cups.

+ Have an ice bowl or bucket with a scoop+

This will help guests to serve themselves with ease. Have a pretty bucket filled up with ice, and a scoop to make things easy!

+ Festive drink napkins+

Simple enough, but an important touch! Get some sweet holiday napkins and keep them stacked at your bar/ drink station.

+ A variety of mixers+

Fruit juices, lemonade, sparkling seltzer, tonic water, ginger ale, flavored syrups. Any spirits that would be included in your cocktail recipes.

+ Clearly label what is available+

Make sure that non alcoholic options are clearly labeled, as well as what each mixer available is.

+ Have a drink options menu with details+

A signature cocktail or mocktail list is a really special touch! Add a “recipe” menu of what is included in each beverage, for guests to follow!

+ Include garnishes+

Cherries, lime wedges, lemon wedges, olives, rim salt, rim sugars, anything else that would dress up your special beverages. You can put these into pretty dishes or glasses, to really elevate the look!

+ Add something festive+

Drink stirrers with tinsel on top, striped straws, or candy cane sticks — these fun touches make such a statement!

+ Add florals or decorations+

A bouquet or arrangement, some festive decor, don’t forget to dress up this area to take this setup to the next level.

sparkling lemonadeHosting parties and celebrations is something very dear to me, and I always want to be sure that my guests feel welcome and that they enjoy themselves in our home! I hope that these tips come in handy, and if you make some fizzy lemonade mocktails, be sure to tag me so that I can see!

Wishing you a happy holiday and many beautiful memories of this time spent together!


Casey Wiegand

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December 20, 2021


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