Inspire Others: Shining a Light

inspire othersOne of the true guiding forces in my life is to be a light for others. I try to keep this at the front of how I treat people, and the energy that I bring into the world. I’m forever inspired by the light in others, and how bright we shine when we are walking in our truth and our highest potential.

Life can be heavy, with unexpected twists and turns, it’s easy to feel weighed down at times. My heartbeat is that even during those times of darkness, I want to shine a light that can brighten the path for others. It’s a conscious choice that we all have the opportunity to make, to know that there is beauty within us, that our thoughts and our actions have a ripple effect.

Casey Wiegand inspire others quotes motivations

Do you know those people that feel like sunshine? I’m sure that visualizing this brought someone right to mind for you! You somehow feel lighter and breathe easier having spent time with them. They are a constant force of positivity in every room that they are in. I’m forever inspired by those light bringers and drawn to them! These are the people that I choose to surround myself with, and I think that it has such an impact on my life.

My hope is to carry this light into the art that I make, the words that I write, and all that I choose to put out into the world. I keep this at the heart of all that I do. It’s how I forever want my family to see me, it’s how I lead my businesses, it’s in the words that I’ve written on affirmation cards, it’s an inspiration for me when I paint and create art — always seeking to uplift others and to be a source of comfort and inspiration.

Casey Wiegand inspire others quotes positivityWithin my affirmation cards, the words that I write on my blog and social media, and within the word art that I create I try to inspire others quotes, inspire others quotes motivation, and to inspire others quotes positivity.

I truly believe that this shouldn’t be confused with striving for perfection, or somehow masking our emotions, instead I think it’s about recognizing our own power. The power that positivity, connection, thoughtfulness, and a spirit of love can bring into our relationships and daily interactions.

I hope that my words can inspire others quotes motivation wisdom and inspire others quotes people.Casey Wiegand inspire others

There are countless ways in each of our lives that we can show up for others. Start at home. Start with the ones that are closest to you. This has the greatest impact of all. Know that when we are the light for our children, this light suddenly multiplies in beautiful ways, as they carry their own light out into the world.

Most important of all, never allow someone else to dim your light. I’ve faced this in many ways, and it can be tempting to shrink or to play small. But when I am quiet with myself and look within, I recognize that their words were never meant for me to carry. We are all created to be our truest selves, we are created for connection, to give and to receive love, and to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate the many gifts that each of us have been given.


Casey Wiegand

Casey Wiegand inspire other quotes people


December 2, 2021


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