How to Braid: Holiday Hairstyles

Casey Wiegand how to braidHow to Braid: Holiday Hairstyles

Creating fun hairstyles and braids for myself and my girls is something that I’ve been in love with for a long time! I know that many of you that have been following along with us for a while may have found us through some of our more popular hair braiding posts!

It’s been a little bit since I’ve shared our braids here, so it was super fun to have these braids done, and to take some Christmas photos together! I know that I’ll always treasure these pictures from over the years, just me and my girls — matching outfits, fun braids, making magic in our home together!

For these photos we had a different hairstyle done on each of us!

Casey Wiegand how to braid

Here are some tips on how to braid you own hair beginners:

To recreate these looks you’ll need hair ties, clear hair elastics, bobby pins, a curling iron, hairspray and optional clip in hair extensions and pretty barrettes or bows.

Casey Wiegand how to braid++ Apple ++

Half up, half down wrap around bun, with mermaid waves! Section hair into a half up do, start with a half up ponytail, fold underneath into a loose chignon. Leave a section of the ponytail out of the bun. Wrap around bun and secure with bobby pin. It’s up to you if you’d like to clip in hair extensions for this look. Use a curling want for loose mermaid waves. Finish with light hold hairspray!

++ Casey ++

My look is romantic and perfect for a special Christmas occasion! I especially love my vintage inspired barrettes, these are so fun to collect to elevate any hair look! To recreate my look, use clip in extensions. You can either do a low loose braid leaving half of your length out of the braid, tied into a pony tail, or you can do a “topsy tail” loop braid. You can do this by creating a space through your pony tail and flipping the hair all the way through/ pulling it through the open space. Secure with a hair tie and repeat this process. Clip barrettes into the base of your head, at the start of your braid! It can take practice to learn how to braid in hair extensions, but I think blending them in makes the look more seamless!

++ Adelaide ++

Sweet, simple, double braids. I love to keep Adelaide’s hair looking youthful, as she’s our forever baby! Addie’s hair was done by parting her hair in half down the middle and French braiding each side. Secure the ends with clear elastics. So sweet and bonus is her second day hair will have super pretty waves!

++ Ainsleigh ++

Dutch Braid low ponytail. I LOVED this look! Optional clip in hair extensions can be added. Section hair by parting down the middle, and do two low dutch braids on each side. Secure with hair tie! Take a small section of hair from the ponytail, wrap around the hair tie and secure underneath with a bobby pin! Lightly hairspray.

how to braid hair for beginners

It takes practice to learn how to braid your own hair, how to braid bangs, how to braid hair that is thick, and how to braid short hair! All of this can be learned with time, lots of YouTube videos and playing around with different hairstyles!

Be sure to tag me on social media if you try any of these looks! I love these special days with my girls, having our hair done and taking photos together!


Casey Wiegand


December 8, 2021


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