Goals for the New Year

Casey Wiegand goalsGoals for the New Year

It’s hard to believe that a new year is on the horizon! 2022 has a nice ring to it, don’t you think!? I love all that a fresh new year brings with it. New possibilities, unwritten pages, exciting goals and hope for all that is to come!

I am a big believer on choosing a word for the year, and setting big lofty goals, as well as more tangible, challenging but achievable goals. Every year I like to cast a vision for what is to come for our family, my businesses, personal growth and the relationships in my life. I think that having a vision is a great way to make the most of the year to come!

Casey Wiegand goals pictures

Here are some tips that I have for setting goals in the New Year!

Casey Wiegand goals

+ Make a vision board! +

Get a canvas, poster board, or foam core board, art supplies, pretty stickers and washi tape, inspirational clippings, goal quotes, goal pictures, and more. Get a motivational playlist going, pour a glass of something cozy, and start dreaming! There is so much power in keeping your goals in front of you all year long.

Casey Wiegand goals to set for yourself

+ Journal/ Take notes!+

Beyond a vision board, take some time to journal and reflect on the past year. I think that looking back on the things that you want more of in the new year, areas that you’d like to continue to grow in, aspects that you don’t want to carry with you into 2022, goals to set for yourself list — all of it is so important to work through! Journaling is a great way to deconstruct all of these feelings.

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+ Hold a Meeting! +

Do you have goals for your business? Host a team meeting! The same can go for your relationship or family! I love to dream with my husband, to make goals for our family for the year ahead, and to cheer one another on along the way!

Casey Wiegand goals

+ Create steps & Check in Points! +

Sometimes I think that making a resolution without checking in on it can make us lose focus. Can you set smaller goals that you’d like to reach each month, or every 3 months?

Casey Wiegand goals quotes

+ Choose a word for the year! +

I love love this one. What is a feeling that you want to carry through 2022? What would be your theme for growth, that word that you can come back to time and time again throughout the year to focus and center yourself on what is most important to you?

Casey Wiegand goals to set for yourself

+ Celebrate/ reward yourself! +

Do you have big goals for this year that will take a lot of focus and determination? Consider thinking of a reward for yourself that would be really motivating! Choose something special now, that could motivate you all year long.

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+ Be sure to check out Artful Home! +

We have beautiful and useful printables in honor of the new year, and all things goal setting! Included are goals quotes motivational and goals aesthetic art!

2022 will be here in just a few short weeks, so we are soaking up the rest of this season as much as we can! Wishing you a beautiful wrap up to your year, and a wonderful year to come!


Casey Wiegand

Casey Wiegand goals


December 10, 2021


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