Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays

Casey Wiegand gift wrapping ideasGift Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays

Casey Wiegand gift wrapping ideas for kids

Gift giving season is here, and I’m always on the hunt for creative gift wrapping ideas for Christmas! I love the art of wrapping a thoughtful present, and the joy that it brings!

You can choose to go as simple or extravagant as you’d like when wrapping gifts. If you are a less is more type of person, brown paper packages with a simple ribbon or some twine is perfect! If you like to go all in on the adornments, there are lots of ways that you can add holiday cheer to your packages!

Casey Wiegand gift wrapping ideas for christmas Here are a few tips for wrapping presents, to inspire you this season!

gift wrapping ideas creative

Gift Wrapping Ideas Creative:

gift wrapping ideas christmas+ Watch tutorials +

This sounds simple enough, but has made a huge difference for me! If you feel like you just can’t get the hang of wrapping, head to YouTube and watch a couple of tutorials. There are really simple tricks that make consistent, uniform wrapping more of a breeze. The more you practice these techniques you’ll be a wrapping whiz in no time!

Casey Wiegand gift wrapping ideas christmas+ Make a wrapping station/ center/ bin +

Whether you have an entire corner or closet free in your home that can be dedicated to wrapping, or even if you are low on space, you can still make a wrapping command center! Grab a bin, a box, a wrapping organizer on amazon or get creative. The most important thing is that everything that you need is within reach! This will make wrapping presents a breeze! Sharp scissors, a few things of tape, all of your ribbons, bows, gift tags, and wrapping rolls — put it all together and wrap away!

Casey Wiegand gift wrapping ideas for christmas

+ Look Outside of the wrapping section +

When at craft stores, big box stores, or anywhere that you might normally shop for holiday decor take a look outside of the wrapping section. Often there’s a separate ribbon area at craft stores, or a craft area at stores like Target or Walmart. There are lots of creative and unique gift wrapping ideas Christmas and options for adorning your presents

gift wrapping ideas christmas+ Gather Holiday Items +

A sprig of holly, a small branch of pine, mistletoe, mini gold bells, snowflake ornaments, felted characters — each of these can be the perfect gift wrapping ideas creative unique, a special way to add personality to a gift. Tie it on with twine or slide it under your ribbon or bow!

Another perfect addition would be using printables like our Artful Home subscription!

We have the sweetest gift tags, and you could also add one of our Christmas quotes to your gift! A simple way to make any gift shine!

gift wrapping ideas creative unique+ Reusable Wrapping +

Scarves, extra fabric, table runner, even a holiday shirt of sweater — there are creative ways to wrap gifts using fabric! Best part, there’s zero waste! This could also be fun for gift wrapping ideas for kids, add holiday jammies or a sweet sweater!

Casey Wiegand gift wrapping ideas creative unique + Collect Versatile Wrapping Materials +

Throughout the year, start to collect pieces that aren’t as holiday specific. Neutral wrapping and tissue, pretty ribbon of any color, blank gift tags — these are perfect to add to your wrapping station and will last you throughout the year for special occasions, not just Christmas wrapping!

gift wrapping ideas creative unique+ Make it Fun +

I like to make wrapping a bit of an event to keep energy high and to enjoy the process! Pour yourself a mug of cocoa or a festive holiday drink, set out a snack board, fill your diffuser with Christmas Spirit or light a holiday candle, put on holiday music or your favorite holiday movie, wear Christmas jammies and cozy slippers! Make it a wrapping party and something that you look forward to!

I hope that you have a beautiful holiday and soak up all of the magic of this season! If you use any of these wrapping tips let me know!


Casey Wiegand

Casey Wiegand gift wrapping ideas creative


December 13, 2021


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