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My parents go above and beyond to bring magic to my childhood home this time of year!!

childhood homeFamily Traditions

Growing up, we had many special traditions, and I can still vividly remember when the holiday decorations would start to come out. That was when our whole home would begin to feel like Christmas. My mom has such a gift for decorating and making warm and inviting spaces. I have learned so much from her. I definitely take after her when it comes to my excitement and joy for this time of year.

It’s really special to me that my parents still live in the home that I grew up in. There is something very comforting about still being able to go “home” even as an adult, and in some ways to feel transported back to your childhood memories, through their childhood home aesthetic and warmth.

childhood home quotes memoriesGlimpses into my Childhood Home

Every once in a while I’ll share peeks into my childhood home, and almost always right away, I’m asked to show more or to give a tour. I thought that it would be fun to give more of an inside look into my parents’ home all decked out for Christmas!

My mama tends to decorate in a more traditional style, red velvet ribbons, cozy plaid, garland, wreaths, plenty of red and white, lots of childhood home keepsake ideas, a Christmas tree that’s the star of the show, a mantle adorned with an ever growing amount of stockings and possibly my favorite part — a long table that’s set early in anticipation for when we can all gather together. They also have the sweetest holiday porch complete with a life size Santa Claus! My kiddos get such a kick out of this!

There are festive touches all throughout their home from hand towels to throw pillows to cozy quilts, holiday signs and childhood home quotes, and more! Their home honestly makes any guest want to curl up and stay a while. The best word that I can use to describe their home is inviting. They are welcoming to all who enter, and it’s something that I feel very grateful to have grown up with all of these years.

childhood home keepsake ideasMemories to Cherish Forever

There is something extra beautiful about being able to watch my children as they enjoy the same spaces that I did as a child. Some of my favorite corners are now theirs, the decorations that used to put a twinkle in my eye, can now be seen reflected in their faces. It’s really something that I will forever treasure. I’m forever filled with the feeling of childhood home quotes memories when I step through their door.

I hope that you enjoy this look into my childhood home! I am so proud of my parents and grateful for the many memories that they continue to make special and love-filled!


Casey Wiegand

childhood home aesthetic


December 15, 2021


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