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house a home tipsMaking Our New House A Home

This has all been such a transformative process — leaving a house that we loved, letting go and surrendering to it all, and then finding another home to call our own. It feels like a blur, but we are so grateful to be settling in, piece by piece this house is feeling more like us.

Unexpected Blessings

There was sadness, worry, and so much unknown when we found out that we would have to move out of our last home. One that we poured our hearts into, and felt such peace in. So many beautiful memories were made within those walls. It was hard to leave, but there was a silver lining waiting for us.

Sometimes you have to let go to find what was meant for you.

I now can see each piece of that story, leading us to where we are now. We still have a lot of settling in to do, a renovation that isn’t quite fully complete, and lots of ideas and dreams swirling around in my a home tipsGlimpses of Home

In the midst of all of that, I can see glimmers of what our new home will hold for our family. Peeking down the hallway at Adelaide making art in our school room, seeing Aiden light up with a space for all of his reptiles, hearing Apple and Ainsleigh’s laughter echo from their bedrooms. Each of us around the table, even if our kitchen isn’t all the way complete yet, there are still such special moments happening each day as we settle in.

I think because of how our story unfolded in our old house, I worried if it would take us a long time to feel at home in a new space. Something that I think I always knew deep down, but now resonates with more truth than ever, is that our family is what makes wherever we live feel like home. As long as we are together, we can feel at peace and known right where we are. We are gathering house a home tips that we can bring with us anywhere, or share with others who need them.

house a home

Settling into our New Space

As we continue to unpack, and live day to day in each space of this home, as we watch more be completed, and even begin to decorate a bit for the holidays, I feel myself settling in. It’s like a long awaited exhale, as we find peace in the here and now — making a house a home.

Something else that has brought me such joy, is being able to let my creativity run wild. Making our house into a home has been such a fun process. We will need to find a house a home quote to put onto a house a home sign to always remember what a journey this has been!

My artist heart can’t get enough of reimagining spaces, sketching out ideas, making selections, and seeing everything come together piece by piece.

Looking Forward with Gratitude

I’m now able to look back on this entire whirlwind of a year with gratitude, knowing that each roadblock led us to where we are now. I see so much redemption and beauty in the path that has brought us here. Sometimes it is hard to see the purpose behind every struggle, but I truly believe that holding onto faith and hope is what is most important. Sometimes we need to leap before we feel ready, or trust and surrender to a path that we may not have chosen ourselves. Often we find that the magic happens in the unexpected details.

house a home making a

xoxo, casey leigh wiegand 

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November 10, 2021


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