Essential Oil Blends For The Season

essential oil blends for diffuserEssential Oils Blends For The Season

There are few things that I love my essential oils for more than diffusing during fall and winter! There are so many incredible essential oil blends that truly make our home feel festive and SO cozy!

If you’ve never diffused essential oils, or you’re stuck in a bit of a rut and feel like you always use the same few oils, fall and winter is the perfect time to branch out! There are lots of oils and diffuser blends that you are sure to love!

essential oil blends

How We Scent Our Home with Essential Oils

One of the first ways that we used our essential oils to make our home more natural and plant based, was to ditch air fresheners, most scented candles, and anything with synthetic fragrance used to change the smell in our house. You truly don’t need all of that, once you see how amazing these fall blends are! Perfect essential oil blends for diffuser!essential oil blends for diffuserPure and Real Scents for the Season

It’s a win win because in my opinion they smell more real and true to the season, I’ve never been able to find a candle that smells exactly like a spruce tree or a real cinnamon stick — and essential oils are the lifeblood from those actual trees and plants. So you are getting the most real and authentic smells, without any of the synthetic or overpowering scents.

fall essential oil blends for candlesThe More Diffusers the Merrier

Start out with a diffuser in your kitchen, and then consider branching out. We have one in just about every room now, but I recommend bringing one into your living room, and bedrooms. Think of where you might normally like to have your scented candles burning, and instead try replacing with a diffuser. Even better, most of our diffusers have a candle flicker setting or an ambient glow, so you really aren’t missing out on any of the coziness!

We only diffuse Young Living Essential Oils in our home, as I trust their purity standards and their seed to seal promise means so much to us! Essential oil blends Young Living have lots of options, perfect for this season!

essential oil blends recipeFavorite Seasonal Oils

The oils that I would recommend picking up for autumn and the holiday season to make fall essential oil blends for candles and diffusers are:

Cinnamon Bark
Northern Lights Black Spruce
Evergreen Essence (if you can get your hands on this one!)
Christmas Spirit (gah, the BEST!)
Stress Away
Winter Nights (a newer favorite)

… Just to name a few!



essential oil blends young livingSome essential oil blends recipe to get you started:

(Feel free to adjust and to add as many drops of each as you’d like. I normally recommend starting slow, with something like 2-3 drops each and seeing how it smells and feels to you! You can always add more.)

Warm Cinnamon Sugar Cookie
+ Vanilla
+ Cinnamon Bark
+ Stress Away

Apple Cider Dreams
+ Orange
+ Clove
+ Cinnamon Bark
+ Nutmeg
+ Stress Away

Hot Chai Tea
+ Vanilla
+ Cardamom
+ Cassia

Cozy Sweater
+ Northern Lights Black Spruce
+ Lime
+ Orange

Christmas Morning
+ Christmas Spirit
+ Cinnamon Bark
+ Northern Lights Black Spruce

Candy Cane Lane
+ Stress Away
+ Vanilla
+ Peppermint
(You can also add spearmint here!)essential oil blends recipe

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November 5, 2021


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