Roman Shades In A Traditional Girls Room

roman shades kitchenHome Update: Adding Roman Shades

Our renovation has made a ton of progress over the last couple of weeks! I love sharing pieces of our new home with you, so many of you have been encouraging and we appreciate your kindness!

This renovation has definitely been a long road, but we are so grateful for how things are coming together, and we are looking forward to so many beautiful memories to be made here. I think it will take us time to fully settle in, to layer in what we love, to listen to our home and to pay attention as to how we use each space most and what we truly need… That’s when the magic starts to happen and things tend to come together in a way that our house feels like home.

Even though I often want to get things done as quickly as possible, and I have SO many ideas that I love to make happen, I am doing my best to enjoy this process, to take our time with some of the details, and to really be intentional about each step.

One thing that I have been focusing on lately are window treatments.

I think that adding curtains, blinds, shades, valances — you name it — into a space really warms and cozies it up. Being able to do some custom window treatments in this home has been really special. There are so many gorgeous windows in our home, and I think taking the time to showcase each of them really elevates the space. Check out this gallery of ideas– can we say SWOON?!?!

Roman shades are something that we have decided to add to a lot of the spaces. I love how classic they feel, how we can incorporate beautiful fabrics, and how they can provide privacy or block light when needed. They are especially convenient for bedrooms.

roman shades with outside mountA few tips that have serves us well when choosing window treatments:

Do they need to be functional? In some spaces, we don’t actually need to close the window treatments, they are simply there to add a cozy feel and for decor purposes. Ask yourself which areas can be faux, and which will need to be able to open and close.

  • Choose fabrics that are cohesive with each room. You can certainly choose a neutral like white, cream, beige, gray etc. and carry it throughout your whole home, or you can go room by room. I like things to flow well, but I really have had fun choosing fabrics that are specific to each room.
    Measure, measure, measure! Depending on who you work with if you’re having custom window treatments done, they may come out and measure for you. But, if you’re ordering custom online, or ordering ready made, take the time to measure at least twice! Better to take the time up front than to end up with something that doesn’t fit quite right! Check out these videos- Uptown Drapes made this process SUPER easy! ( watch video here

Think of this as an Investment. There are areas that I think going for a more budget version is awesome, and there are parts of the home where I suggest saving and going with the highest end version that you can. Window treatments are one of those areas that I truly feel can elevate your space. Whatever is in your budget, go for the most well made version for window treatments! You don’t have to do every room at once. Take your time to invest in nice treatments that can span the test of time!

I chose to work with Uptown Drapes ( I had been eyeing them for awhile)!!! They are FABULOUS to work with- made the entire process easy and not intimidating at all!!!

Roman shades are a perfect option to add a custom feel, and softness to any room, I highly recommend adding them to your space!

roman shades bedroom


October 13, 2021


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