Kitchen Remodel Progress

kitchen remodel on a budgetKitchen Remodel Progress

The kitchen has always been the heart of our home, and our newly remodeled kitchen is no exception! I’m falling in love with every detail as it comes together, and my mind can’t help but wander to all of the memories that we hope to fill this space with. This kitchen is absolutely a dream come true for us, and I am so very grateful!

If you’ve ever remodeled a kitchen, you know that it takes a lot of patience and a good amount of resourcefulness, as your normal routines are put on hold. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel on budget, a kitchen remodel small, or a larger renovation like ours, it still impacts your day-to-day quite a bit! We’ve been making it work, as we are still waiting on countertops and appliances, there is only so much that we can use our kitchen for currently.

Our kiddos have been am amazing throughout this whole process, though I know there are parts of it that can’t be easy on them, they have had such great attitudes. I am so excited about the updates that have been taking shape!

I’ve spent a lot of time pouring over kitchen remodel inspiration and kitchen remodel ideas, with the hopes of blending both classic and kitchen remodel modern features together seamlessly.

kitchen remodel ideasSo far in our kitchen remodel we have:

+ Relocated our kitchen, I grow even more happy with that decision each day! Now our kitchen flows into our family room, and the family room opens right up out onto our patio. The space is perfect for entertaining, or spending time together as a family.

+ Installed and painted Custom cabinetry. I can hardly believe how much space we will have to store all of our cookware, bakeware, serveware, and items for hosting, with plenty of room to grow into the space!

+ Designed and built the giant walk-in Pantry. I grow more in love with this space each day! We added another sink, extra storage space, and more appliances. We designed a great tucked away spot. This allows the main kitchen to be mess free and allows for extra space while hosting holidays and special parties.

+ Added windows and what a HUGE difference letting this extra light in has made. In my opinion you can NEVER have too many windows. And you know that my heart skips a beat for a pretty kitchen sink window scene.

+ Installed our new lighting fixtures. Lighting changes and elevates a space so much! I am in love with our gold pendant lights for over the island, the sconce for near the cabinetry, and the pretty white scalloped lantern light in the pantry area.

A labor of love

We are still waiting on our backsplash, countertops, some appliances, and finishing touches. I can hardly wait to see this all come together, but I’ve done my best to stay patient during this process, trusting that each stage will come together when it is meant to. With so many kitchen remodeling ideas, it’s been a labor of love to bring it all together.

I am filled with anticipation at the thought of being to share this space fully finished and styled. The idea of cooking, sharing meals, having kitchen dance parties, and making memories with the ones we love most warms my heart.

kitchen remodel inspiration


October 22, 2021


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