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My Dream of an Art Room + Lockers

creative spaceCreative Space for the Family

I’m beyond excited to share some updates with you about one of my favorite spaces in our home, the kid’s school room! This renovation has taken a lot of effort and patience, but it makes my heart burst to see these spaces come together and to get a better picture of how our family will use each of these spaces!

I wanted a dedicated creative space in our home for the kids to be able to bring their homework, work on any projects independently, and to create or make art alongside of one another. It was important to me that for them to have a collaborative space, but also their own individual areas as well! I kept this in mind when thinking of creative space design, and when looking for creative space ideas.

creative space officeCreative Space Design

In our last home, I had a big art table beside our kitchen, a creative space for kids, that the kids would work on projects and make art at. It was such a joy for me to watch them at work, whether they were playing together or just doing their own thing! It gave me the idea to make a dedicated room for this in our new home.

When planning out this space, I thought about the ways that they would use it most, and what would be a smart use of space. I searched things online like creative space studios, creative space office, and creative space studio workspaces to gather ideas. I loved the idea of each kiddo having their own locker! This makes me so happy, and I think will really come in handy for each of them at every stage.

Each kid also has their own desk. I can hardly wait to see what they create there, and I hope that it always feels like a comfortable environment for them to get schoolwork done, or to work on anything that they are passionate about! I know that there will be times where they need a quiet space to get work done, but I also loved the idea that they didn’t have to be tucked away alone when working on homework. Having each other close by is such a comfort for them!

creative space design

Creative Space For Kids

I’m still not certain on the table that we have in the center, but I did love the idea of having a large seating area that would be more encouraging of collaboration, making art together, working on special projects and sitting together. It really allows for a flex space, where they can use the room how they need it most!

I love that our school room is on the main floor, close to the kitchen, yet still separate. I feel like this is such a good setup for them having their own space, yet I can always be close by to check on them, to help answer any homework questions, or to make art right alongside of them!

Spaces like this in our home make me extra excited for our renovation to be complete! We are ready for slower intentional days. We can not wait to settle in and enjoy all of the comfort and functionality of our new home!

creative space for kids

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October 15, 2021


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