Hanging Art Prints

art printsHanging Art Prints

As an artist, it’s always been important to me to display art in our home. I love to surround myself and my family with creative inspiration, color, and the beauty that art brings into a home.

I create my own canvas pieces and art prints for the walls, and also love to have work from other artists, framed prints, art prints quotes, family photographs — layers of artwork to adorn the walls of our home.

art prints for the wallsThese are a few tips that I have for choosing artwork and displaying it in your home:

+ Get to Know Your Style +

Browse online, or pick up art books to get a feel for the artwork that speaks most to you. You can also blend styles! I love abstracts, florals, colorful and whimsical pieces. You may gravitate toward a certain style, art prints aesthetic, or a blend of multiple styles, but I think getting clear on what feels most you is important when choosing artwork for your home.

+ Photographs Tell a Story +

Having family photos printed is something that I deeply value. I’ve displayed them in past homes on our stairway, in hallways and areas that I pass through each and every day. I instantly feel flooded with memories! Nothing makes a home feel more like your own than photographs.

+ Frame Family Mementos Too! +

Shadowbox style frames are perfect for this! I love the idea of framing things like a special awards, airline tickets, florals from a wedding, anything that you feel pride in to display for years to come.

+ Gallery Walls & Ledges +

Making groupings of art can have a high impact. You can mix photographs with paintings, and really have fun with this! You can be cohesive and do all black and white photographs/ art prints black and white in the same style of frame, or colorful/ art prints pink and eclectic by mixing and matching. I love photo ledges for this very same thing! And it’s also super easy to change out art prints artwork whenever your heart desires when you display them on a photo ledge.

+ Tips for Hanging +

One of my favorite tips is to use blue painters tape! It is safe on walls and you can measure and plan things out without doing damage. Blue painters tape can be used to mark and measure where the hole needs to be nailed in, and you can also measure and outline the size of the frames that you want for a gallery wall and preplan by using painters tape! Another thing that I absolutely love for hanging art is picture hanging command strips. These can be a great option for renters as well!

art prints for your home

Getting started is what is most important. Don’t let too much time pass without getting artwork up on your walls. I think we can hold ourselves back sometimes if we don’t have everything perfectly together, but art is about expressing yourself! Let go of perfection, and instead embrace the feeling that your favorite art, art prints for home, and photographs will bring into your home.

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October 27, 2021


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