Make Your Own Painted Pumpkins

painted pumpkinsMake Your Own Painted Pumpkins

Fall is the time of year where my mind is centered on fun traditions and memory making. The way that this season flows right into the holidays, makes the anticipation all the more exciting.

Making Holidays Special

As a young child, my mama always made each holiday feel special, and memorable for her children. As a mom, this is so important to me. I realize more in more it’s the little things that stick with our children. I hope that they carry on some of our traditions and start their own with their families some day!

Family Traditions for Halloween

Usually as Halloween gets closer, one of our favorite traditions is to go to the pumpkin patch as a family! Each kiddo can pick out their favorite pumpkin or gourd. I’ll get the kitchen table ready with Halloween snacks, fun decorations, and a plastic table cloth. We have a carving party together complete with fun Halloween music.

Painted Pumpkins

This year, we are going to do painted pumpkins diy as well! This really lets your kiddos, especially small kids, be creative, and decorate their pumpkin without as much of your help as carving may take. It’s also way less messy, if carving pumpkins doesn’t sound like your idea of a great time ;).

For painted pumpkins fall you can do a less Halloween theme and more of an autumn theme so they look great all season long and can be used on a Thanksgiving table as well! You could also make painted pumpkins on wood or painted pumpkins on canvas, so that they become more of keepsakes that you can pull out year after year!

painted pumpkins ideasSome tips for a fun Pumpkin Painting Party/ Painted Pumpkin Ideas:

+ Use spotify to make a fun playlist! With smaller kiddos you don’t have to go too spooky with the music, just something festive and fun!

+ Halloween cookies, candy or snacks are a great addition! Paper plates and napkins that fit the theme are simple enough and make everything feel a little more festive.

+ Plastic drop cloth or tablecloths make cleaning up a breeze! Grab a Halloween theme or something orange, black, or white!

+ Lay out a variety of paint colors and brushes. White and black are most on theme, but encourage your kids to be as creative as their hearts desire! Make sure that you have water to clean brushes and some towels on hand to dry or to clean up messes as needed.

+ Make your own pumpkin alongside of them, or help them along with theirs. Fun polka dots, moody black pumpkins, or even painted on florals can be a fun touch. Painted pumpkin kids crafts are a fun activity for all!

+ Use those pumpkins for table decor until Halloween approaches, and then decorate your porch! This will help them to last a bit longer, and give you some fun decor for inside! Painted pumpkins halloween on your porch will be such a cute way to decorate for the holiday!

Being creative and making art together in this way is such a fun way to see life through the eyes of your children. What does this season feel like for them? What are they most excited about? I find that when we are being creative together, we have our best conversations and connect in really meaningful ways.

I truly can’t believe that we are already heading into Fall and that Halloween is right around the corner! I’m soaking up these precious memories as much as I can!

painted pumpkins on wood


September 14, 2021


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