Ditch Candles For These Fall Essential Oils

fall essential oilsWithout a doubt, we are headed into my absolute favorite time of year to diffuse essential oils in our home! Fall and the holiday season are a time when I am especially grateful for oils for both wellness support, as well as how delicious they make our home smell!

Diffusing fall essential oils is a great option for making your home smell fresh, without adding toxic ingredients into the air. Many candles have synthetic fragrances, as well as wicks that can burn not-so-clean.

Ditch and Switch

When we decided to ditch and switch, and bring products into our home that are plant based and low-tox, essential oils were one of the most versatile changes that we made! You can use them for SO much, or you can start slow like many do, and simply diffuse them in your home to make the easy switch from candles or air fresheners!

We have a diffuser in pretty much every room of our home, but if you’re just starting out I recommend getting one for your kitchen and bedroom first!


Benefits of Diffusing

Diffusing essential oils literally suspends tiny droplets of oil in the air of your home. I love this because we can get their therapeutic benefits simply by filling our diffusers! You’ll never find us without a sleep support blend going at night, or an energizing blend to start our day, or a cozy fall blend throughout the day and evening this time of year!

My Fall Favorites

I love to stock up on several oils for fall and the holidays, so that I can create custom blends all throughout the season. A few of my favorite fall essential oils young living that I am never without this time of year: cinnamon bark, vanilla, nutmeg, clove, northern lights black spruce, pine, orange, stress away, Christmas spirit, gathering, gratitude, sacred mountain, valor, frankincense, sandalwood, cardamom, kunzea, cassia.

Here are a few of my go to fall blends to put into your diffuser for an instant fall feeling:

Fall Essential Oil Blends

F A V O R I T E  S W E A T E R

+ 5 Stress Away

+ 3 Copaiba

+ 2 Frankincense

G L O W I N G  E M B E R

+ 4 Cassia

+ 5 Bergamot

+ 3 Sandalwood

T R E E  T O P

+ 5 Idaho Blue Spruce

+ 3 Pine

+ 2 Cypress

F A L L E N  L E A V E S

+ 6 Orange

+ 2 Clove

+ 4 Ylang Ylang


+ 5 Gathering

+ 5 Orange

+ 2 Northern Lights Black Spruce

P U M P K I N  C O L D  F O A M

+ 8 Vanilla

+ 4 Cassia

+ 1 Clove

+ 5 Orange

P E A C E F U L  A F T E R N O O N

+ 4 Lavender

+ 6 Bergamot

+ 3 Cardamom


+ 5 Bergamot

+ 6 Lemon

+ 3 Cinnamon Bark

E V E R Y T H I N G  A U T U M N

+ 4 Cassia

+ 4 Cinnamon Bark

+ 6 Stress Away

+ 3 Northern Lights Black Spruce

You can take these recommended drop amounts and adjust to your liking with less or more of whatever you would like! If you are wanting to start slow and grab just a few oils for fall, my top three would be cinnamon bark, stress away or vanilla, and northern lights black spruce. You can achieve so many different scents with these, especially if you incorporate citrus oils!

Making Room Spray

If you want to take the fall smells up a notch, make a room spray with the same blend that you are diffusing! In a glass spray bottle, add three parts water, one part witch hazel and a generous amount of oils from the blend you would like. Shake up well and mist the air! You may even be able to mist things like throw blankets, pillows and certain furniture — I would always be sure to spot test in a hidden area to make sure that you’re good to go with using oils on that specific fabric, but if you mist lightly from a few steps away, you should be good to go!

Dropper Bottle Blends

Another great tip, make a dropper bottle with your favorite blend to make filling diffusers a breeze! I get glass dropper bottles, pop the lids off of my essential oils and slowly pour them in together into the dropper bottle (you can use a small funnel if needed). Gently swirl your blend, and now when you fill your diffusers you can just grab the glass dropper bottle, a pitcher or carafe of water, and be on your way!

What will you be dropping into your diffuser?

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September 24, 2021


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