Ainsleigh’s 11th Birthday

11th birthday boy

Ainsleigh’s 11th Birthday

Each of my kiddos birthdays are dear to my heart, and a day where I feel full of gratitude for their unique gifts. What a joy it is to be their mama! Ainsleigh turning 11 feels like a big birthday, time truly does not slow down, and I cannot believe that our little girl is growing so fast.

11th birthday party ideas for a girl

11th birthday party ideas for boys

Celebrating our Girl

My love for this girl is huge! Ainsleigh has such a tender heart, she is such a wonderful big sister to her little sisters, and a dear friend to her big brother. She is patient, kind, creative, and is a nurturer through and through.

I relish the opportunity to celebrate each of my children, every single day, and extra on birthdays. It is such a gift to be able to show them how special they are to our family. Their excitement fills me up and reminds me how much each of us need to feel seen and known by the ones that we love. I hope that I can always pour into their hearts in this way, from childhood, to when they are parents themselves.

11th birthday cakeIncorporating what Your Kiddos Love

For Ainsleigh, we wanted her birthday to incorporate so many things that she loves — she’s at such a fun age! First I took the girls to the hair salon to get their hair done. It was such a sweet moment watching them all together, thinking of them as they grow up and the countless hours they will probably spend getting ready together for special events or fun times. Their secrets with one another, inside jokes, laughter, and all of the beautiful parts of sisterhood, I feel very blessed to witness their bond. I get to enjoy sisterhood through them, what a dream!

11th birthday girlSimple Birthday Party Ideas

When looking for birthday ideas I knew that planning 11th birthday party ideas for boys was super fun to think of for Aiden, and now to plan something for Ainsleigh would be just as special! 11th birthday boy for Aiden and 11th birthday girl for Ainsleigh were unique in their own ways, and it’s been fun to have a girl and boy back to back, so that I get to experience planning both celebrations!

We then had a gathering of Ainsleigh’s best friends at our home. We are still in the process of renovating, but that didn’t stop us! There are now a few spots that feel more finished, so we made it work, and it all came together for Ainsleigh’s party!

11th birthday girl 1Backyard Birthday Fun

The backyard is such a fun space to enjoy, so we had a pool party. All of my kids LOVE swimming and spend countless hours in the backyard for as long as the weather allows, which in Texas is well into fall! A pool party felt like one of the best 11th birthday party ideas for our girl! We added to the fun by turning our sprinklers on in the yard for the girls to run through. I was soaking (no pun intended ;)) this moment up, where they all still feel so little and precious and still hold onto the innocence of childhood. Time stood still in that moment, hearing their giggles and watching them run free together!

We had special decorations for our sunshine girl! I looked for 11th birthday party ideas for a girl, and decided on butterflies, rainbows, fun pastel and neon colors (Ainsleigh is such a bright light and I wanted her party decor to reflect that)! We also had our favorite balloon numbers on our front lawn, a family tradition that the kiddos get so excited for on their special day! 11th birthday cake was so sweet for our 11th birthday cake girl!

When I think of Ains I think of magic, a heart of gold, whimsy, pure love and warm sunshine! Her birthday truly felt like that, and I am so happy that we were all able to celebrate our sunshine girl!

11th birthday

11th birthday boy


September 29, 2021


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